Are You Ready For Sam’s Amazing Wings?

Restless in the middle of your tasks? In need of a delicious break that would put you in a better mood? Well, chicken wings had always did the trick for us so we bet it would do the trick for you too! As that is the case, let us share to you one of recent finds – Sam’s Amazing Wings!

Sam’s Amazing Wings is all about offering chicken yummies you will not be able to resist. They have skewers, wings, and even rice meals filled with all that tasty chicken meat and crispy skin. Since we love munching on some good old chicken wings, we decided to get three out of their ten chicken wings variants. The three flavors we got are actually their bestsellers so we are sure you are going to love each of them as much as we did.

Their American Buffalo Wings (6 Pieces Php 220 | 12 Pieces Php 400) are the classic buffalo wings that you will no doubt get to enjoy while the Saigon Chicken Wings (6 Pieces Php 220 | 12 Pieces Php 400) are popping with its delectable Asian spices. Of course, if you are more a sweet and savory kind of person, their Butter Garlic Wings (6 Pieces Php 220 | 12 Pieces Php 400) are the perfect choice!

Indeed, the Chicken Wings by Sam’s Amazing Wings are a crowd favorite for a reason, so be sure to not miss out on them. While you are at it, don’t forget to try their Chicken Inasal Skewers (Pack of 6 Php 480 | Pack of 12 Php 920) which is another must-try from them. This one will give you that delicious chicken barbecue you oh-so-love to eat as is or devour with rice.

Indulge in a feast of chicken goodness and dive right into all of the yummies Sam’s Amazing Wings could offer! Know more about their products by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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