Are you ready to beat Cake without Rival’s Sans Rival?

Began in 2002, offering just Sans Rival and Food for the Gods, Cake without Rival have now grown into so much more as they now offer more of their mom’s specialties which are well-received and loved by many. To this day, Cake without Rival still brings their A-game when it comes to Sans Rival as they even get to have more than just one variant now.

Their Classic Sans Rival (8” round Php 995) which is their signature one is of chewy and nutty meringue layers with delicious buttercream while their Mango Sans Rival (8” round Php 1350) is of generously topped and layered with mango chunks which brings a fresh take on a classic sweet dessert. These two Sans Rival variants by Cake without Rival will have you going for more than one slice, so you better be ready to dig into more!

Following that, if you want something more on-the-go, Cake without Rival also has Ensaymada up for grabs. Currently, their Ensaymada comes in three flavors and these are Double Cheddar Ensaymada, Nutella Cheese Ensaymada, as well as Queso de Bola Ensaymada. Delight in all these three flavors by going for their Ensaymada Mix instead; available in 6 Pieces (2 pieces each flavor Php 620) and 12 Pieces (4 pieces each flavor Php 1095).

Now, if you think Cake without Rival is all about sweets, then that is where you got it all wrong, because they have some savories which you should get your hands on too! Their Embutido is a lovely viand which can be shared on the table as this one is a mix of premium ingredients, making it meaty and tasty at the same time. This one can be availed by 1 Roll (Php 295), 2 Rolls (Php 575), 3 Rolls (Php 850), and 5 Rolls (Php 1375), with each roll approximately weighing 360 grams and is individually wrapped.

Cake without Rival really is just doing an impressive job as their offerings are all of quality, delicious, and just overall, satisfying. Know more about them and their products by checking out their Facebook and Instagram. Also, do not hesitate on leaving them a message if you have any questions or you are ready to order.

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