Arkipelago: A Diverse and Unique Food Haven in Makati

The holiday season maybe over but the heavy traffic is definitely here to stay. So having a convenient place to do everything in one stop – eat, hangout, art, music, and play is just so sweet! Tucked along Bagtikan St. of San Antonio Village, Makati City, Arkipelago has just started business but can easily become one of the top destinations in the metro with its top-standard food and entertainment.




Arkipelago is not just a food haven but is also a place for talented artists. From the art gallery that showcases great works of different artists, to the various acoustic singers that performs and sets off the stage everyday.



Arkipelago houses not just one or two but several distinct food stalls and restaurants arranged beautifully in a quaint but interactive set-up. This place stands true to its concept of being the most diverse and unique dining haven as well as the first of its kind being the first Art, Eat, Play and Go destination.

All food stalls were meticulously handpicked and well curated. Arkipelago boasts of International cuisines ranging from German, Asian-Thai, Japanese, American, Mexican, Mediterranean and of course Filipino.  They’ve also got street food and mouth-watering desserts.

So without further ado, let’s go dig in at what Arkipelago has to offer.

Thai Queen

As we enter Thai Queen, the picturesque ambiance of Thailand can definitely be felt inside the resto. With its elegant set of plates and utensils to its authentic Thai dishes, you’ll definitely get to experience a very royal experience as the food served here are food from the Palace. The owner formulated the menu by the guidance of the chef for the King of Thailand.

Authentic Thai dishes such as the famous Phad Thai (Rice Noodles) and Khao Neaw Moon (Coconut Sticky Rice) are must-taste.  They also serve crispy Por Peaa Tod (Thai Spring Rolls) and Toong Tong (Golden Yummy Bag) both paired with pineapple sweet chili sauce. If you’re on a diet and craves for delicious food, try Thai Queen as they serve the most balanced food in every serving.





Qrazy Quesadilla

From the owner’s passion for food combined with his entrepreneurial sense, Qrazy Quesadilla – a micro-restaurant which specializes in Mexican-American cuisine was born. Chris’ own experience in living in Los Angeles for thirty years made the true Mexican flavor of their menu. They offer all-time Mexican-American comfort food such as Quesadillas, Burritos, and Tacos topped with Carne Asada (Steak), Carnitas (slow roasted pork), and Al Pastor (Spit grilled pork).

We have tried their Chicken Quesadilla, LA Tacos, and Nachos Locos and boy we really can’t get enough of it. The more you eat, the more you crave for its cheesy, meaty, and crispy goodness. Because of the Filipino’s love for cheese, Qrazy Quesadilla is already a frequent sight at weekend markets around the metro.





The Hometown Grill: Manukan Country and Steak Shack

Missing the taste of Bacolod favorites? Or you just don’t have the budget for travel but want to experience authentic Bacolod dishes? Worry no more for The Hometown Grill: Manukan Country and Steak Shack has come to the Metro to satisfy your cravings. This food kiosk is the same restaurant which serves The Hometown Hotel so it’s worth every cent you spent in its very affordable price.

The authenticity of the famous Chicken Inasal was kept as their chef came from Bacolod. Their other bestseller, Kansi will warm your tummies with soup that is somehow a sour version of Bulalo from Visayas. Being a steak shack, they also serve another specialty, their T-bone Steak with a special blend of spices and marinated with a sauce that is an original recipe of the chef.




Miss Umami

True to its namesake, Miss Umami serves a burst of flavors from Japan with a twist. Their dishes were made from the fresh and playful mind of the owner as a young entrepreneur, Ms. Toni Go. The food kiosk attracts customers’ curiosity with its catchy tagline, “Eat my Poke”.

The menu started with Pokebowls and then ventured into Japanese food. One of the interesting twists is that they don’t serve raw ingredients to suit the Filipino palate. You’ll get to personalize your food with the choices of Main protein (tuna, salmon, tuna salmon, shrimp, wagyu cubes, chicken karage), Base (sushi rice, salad greens, nachos), Sauce (garlic aioli (mayo based sauce), sriracha aioli, wasabi aioli, cheese and unagi sauce), and Toppings (crab stick, mangoes, seaweed salad, etc.).

Some of their bestsellers include Tuna Salmon with Sushi Rice Pokebowl with corn, jellyfish salad, crab sticks, and wasabi aioli, Someone to Lava Sush with spicy tuna inside and crushed hot Cheetos topped torched with melted cheese, and Summit Rice Bowl – pork sukiyaki topped with melted cheese.




Another food stall owned by Ms. Toni is Smoked which highlights slow-cooked food such as their Beef Belly cooked for 24 hours and their Pulled Pork cooked for 16 hours that is usually served on bread.  Another bestseller is the Mashed Potato Parfait, a combination of mashed potato, beef belly, gravy, baked mac, pulled pork, bbq sauce, mashed potato, and white sauce which gives it a tangy and creamy taste.



Lako Street Food

Nobody does street food better than the Lako Food Stall. From the balunan, balingit, betamax, isaw ng manok and chicharon.  All your street food cravings will definitely be satisfied here.



Halal Kabab Express

Looking for authentic Mediterranean dishes? Arkipelago has it for you with Halal Kabab Express. Their bestsellers include Chicken Biryani with Bismati Rice, Chelo Kebab Combination of beef and chicken served with homemade garlic and chili sauces, and Naan Beef Wrap.




The GoTo Kitchen

The GoTo Kitchen is your go-to place if you’re looking for Pinoy comfort food in these cold days. They serve warm and savory Beef Mami , Goto, and Pares. These can best be paired with their Tokwa’t Baboy and Lumpiang Togue. They also plan to add Silog meals in their menu – Cornsilog, Tapsilog and Longsilog (Vegan Longganiza). Their dishes will surely fill you as they are very generous with their ingredients.








The owner of PAKO created the stall inspired by his love of drinks and to find that something missing on the wings that he tastes. Perfect for drinks and rice, the savory and flavorful chicken wings of PAKO’s are a must-try: Pako’s Wings and Buffalo Wings. They also serve Wasabi Fries and Shawarmitas.






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