Artsy on, Party on!: Unit 27 Bar + Café is up for a celebration

Need a break from all the toxicity in life? Want to end the stressful week you had with a bang? Or you just want to have a chit-chat and chill with the gang?


*ding dong* Unit 27 is the latest hang-out place in the metro, haven’t you heard?


With the partners being best friends and actually hanging out at a private pad which they called Studio 26 before, they turned their dream into a reality as they extend their chill out spot in Eastwood in the form of a bar + café: Unit 27.





Unit 27 Bar + Cafe is a place very close to the partners’ hearts as they even planned and decided on the menu themselves. With one of them being a celebrity chef, Francis Tolentino, they cater different types of diners by being a restaurant, a cafe, and a bar rolled into one.


So as to get the hype up, we first had Ensaladang Talong with Grilled Liempo (Php 260). Actually, liempo being one of the stars of Filipino cuisine, Unit 27 wanted to give it a twist and turn the spotlight to a healthier option instead, and so they partnered it with eggplant. The veggies weren’t overcooked which is really a huge factor for me so that was good and the taste of it was also good, considering it was partnered with grilled liempo which was tender and juicy.


As a fan of classics, I was very much happy with their Pork Sinigang (Php 350) as its soup will definitely give you that “mukhasim lewk”. The pork was easy to chew and tasty, while the veggies are crisp just the way I like it. This one is definitely going into my favorites list!



Another trademark of Filipino cuisine is the Bulalo, which Unit 27’s left me wanting for more. If there was an award such as the star of the night, Unit 27’s Bulalo (Php 395) will definitely win that! The beef was so tender, as if it was melting in my mouth. Plus, its soup was very hearty and flavorful – all thanks to garlic.


This one certainly is living up to its name as its exterior was surely crispy, while the meat itself was succulent and juicy. Unit 27’s Crispy Pata (Php 550) comes with their homemade vinegar sauce which is a perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and sour.


And of course, the comfort food and the go-to pulutan in every inuman, Sisig (Php 155). You’ll get hooked with Unit 27’s take on this classic Filipino comfort dish as its pork is both tender and crunchy.


I don’t think majority of us Pinoys can live without rice and adobo, so imagine getting both in one dish. This Adobo Rice (Php 250) is good for sharing – if one won’t decide to keep it all to himself or herself.


Unit 27’s Bagoong Rice (Php 250) is in fact made with their homemade bagoong that gives just the right kick of saltiness. This one is good for sharing as well.

Beef Pares is really one of my favorite Filipino dishes so as much as I don’t want to expect, I couldn’t help it. Proudly, I’m happy to say that Unit 27’s Beef Pares Especial (Php 200) is really something special as the meat was tender enough and the sauce was sweet and delectable.


I really appreciate food establishments having a different take on classic dishes so Unit 27’s Bagnet Chips (Php 155) is one I’m happy to say is a successful innovation on food. It’s tasty and crispy, and it goes up to a whole new level when you get to dip it into their homemade vinegar which undeniably is a must-try!

Unit 27’s kitchen prides itself in serving not only made-from-scratch, but home-style meals as well. They are not only proud of their menu, but they also revel in art that they actually support artists, especially indie ones. They want Unit 27 Bar + Cafe not only to be a platform for live music such as artists performing originals and covers, but also for artists that can do paintings, murals, and the likes. I mean, you have to really check out the interiors for this one, especially the walls leading up the second floor!

Also, if your birthday is coming up or you just want to throw an awesome party, Unit 27 Bar + Cafe do events such as private parties and gig nights.

Have the time of your life; party hard or take it easy at Unit 27 Bar + Café; Citywalk 1, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1800 Metro Manila.

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