Asakusa: Home of Tempura has a lot more to offer than just tempura!

Pasig sure has a lot of food gems here and there – a place where you could find a lot of those is the famous food district called Kapitolyo, but wait, that’s not where we are going to lead you, just right Tiendesitas, you sure will find a bunch of precious dining options, too. The Grove by Rockwell is not only a residential area, but also a venue of yummies you definitely will be wanting to get your hands on!

Asakusa: Home of Tempura is proudly a home grown concept inspired by the tempura capital of Japan. Its story is of love, warmth, and adventure that led into what it actually is now – a full blown restaurant serving a fusion of Japanese cuisine alongside other international ones. The thing about Asakusa is that the people behind this is actually just traveling to Japan for leisure when they have found quite a quaint tempura house that was owned by a Japanese couple from whom they have learned the proper method of cooking the perfect tempura. Starting with just a few temoura options, Asakusa: Home of Tempura have grown into so much more that people can now find them at SM Vertis North, Ayala Feliz Mall, and soon somewhere in the South, so watch out for that!

And as they have expanded into branches, their menu have quite expanded, too. For their appetizers, their Salmon Salad (Php 258) which is available in spicy and in regular and is a delicious serving of fresh raw salmon, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, tempura flakes, with their signature salad dressing; alongside their Tuna Maki (Php 318) which is also available in both spicy and in regular and is a hefty plate of tuna roll topped with salmon and bits of crabstick, topped with tempura flakes are just both a wonderful starter for such an adventure.

Jumping form their appetizers to their Small Plates, you seriously should not miss out on their Prawn Cream Udon (Php 288) which is their take on Japanese creamy wafu pasta that is of Udon noodles in prawn cream with mushrooms, fish flakes, and poached egg as this one is no doubt a favorite! Another Small Plates to go for is their Chicken Karaage Teriyaki (4 pcs Php 178 | 8 pcs Php 308) which is a hearty plate of crispy fried chicken balls glazed with their signature teriyaki sauce and is also available in spicy and in regular.

Aside from those few easy eats, if you need to grab more grub, then go checkout their Donburi section, because here you will be able to dig into their Salmon Teriyakidon (Php 388) which is of salmon fillet glazed with teriyaki sauce, as well as their Shogun 5 (Php 608) which is of all black tiger prawns with a side of fried rice (Php 108) and comes with traditional and Asakusa sauce. Both are just so hard to say no to and believe us, you won’t be able to, anyway!

When you want more heavy options, don’t worry, because as we have mentioned, Asakusa has a variance of nomnoms you sure will love – and they are adding more onto that as well, but that’s for next time! For now, their Saikoro Steak (Php 618) which is of cubed tender Australian beef sautéed in garlic and their homemade sauce, served with Yasai Itame; their Crispy Rice Trio (Php 188) which is one of their newest additions that is of crisped balls of rice topped with tuna, salmon, or uni; their Wagyuni (Php 388) which is afave of one of the owners and is of Japanese beef, sea urchin, shrimp roe nigiri sushi; and their Sukiyaki Udon (Php 498) which we finished in no time are just a few of what you will be drooling over here at Asakusa.

Topping all those off is none other than their Valhrona (Php 158) which is a delectable serving of green tea ice cream with chocolate brownies that are like pieces of heaven, we are tell you!

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Address: E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City, 1600 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 289410157

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 11A to 10PM

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