Authentic and Quality Korean Food awaits you at Bornga Makati

We had a spontaneous eat out just recently. One minute we were lounging at home and trying to focus on our job and the next minute we just found ourselves at Bornga Makati. Bornga Makati is a franchise Korean Restaurant that is offering what they claim to be the most authentic and quality Korean food you can ever experience in the Philippines. With them, you will be able to sit down, cook your own food, and just enjoy the awesome company that you are with, because yes, they are a Samgyeopsal place.

Proud with the original Korean taste that they have, Bornga Makati first served us their complimentary corn tea that we enjoyed and basically, for us, is like an act to ready our tummies for the loaded adventure that awaits us which is their Mansinchang Samgyeopsal.

Mansinchang Samgyeopsal is a cut on the meat that is in original, marinated soy sauce which has some kick to it and comes with a number of delicious side dishes which really levels up the whole experience even more. Their side dishes includes Kimchi, Fish Cake also known as Odeng, and Egg Roll which is also called Gyeran Mari. We also got some Barbecue on our table which comes with more side dishes too, namely, Kimchi Dishes also known Museangchae, Cold Seaweed Soup, Garden Salad, Shredded Onion Leeks also called as Pamuchim, and more assorted vegetables.

Other than Bornga Makati’s Mansinchang Samgyeopsal, we also got to dig into another Samgyeop option, their Woo Samgyeop. This is of beef loin served with Bornga Makati’s special sauce. We paired this one with some of their ala carte side dishes such as Kimchi, Egg Roll, Fish Cake, Stir Fried Peanuts, Spicy Fried Tofu, Soy Sauce Marbled Potato, and Sausage Catsup.

After having two Samgyeopsals, we then moved onto their other dishes such as their Chadol Duenjang Jjigae which is a soybean paste stew with beef brisket; their Dolsot Bibimbap which is a hot stone pot bibimbap that has rice, assorted vegetable salad, and marinated cooked meat; as well as their Bornga Bulgogi which is good for 2 to 3 people and is on the grill with beef and vegetable.

Undeniably, we had a lot of meat with Bornga Makati and those were not the only ones we had, because we also got the chance to indulge in their Haemul Pa Jeon which is a seafood and green onion pancake and their Jap Chae which is a serving of glass noodles with stir fried pork and vegetables.

Indeed, bornga Makati wowed us with their offerings and service, because we had a great time with them. Their Samgyeopsals were really just a feast and all the ala carte dishes that we got try are just downright yum!

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