Authentic Cantonese Roasted Duck just Waiting to be Grabbed from Roasted Duck Express

Located at Greenhills, San Juan City, Roasted Duck Express is now available for delivery. Operating daily from 9am to 5pm, fans of their specialty, the Premium Roasted Duck and their very own version of duck fried rice, can now enjoy all of those in the comfort of their home. All they have to do is order, book their own delivery or pick-up, and wait for the arrival of their order.

If you are a long time lover of Roasted Duck Express or it’s your first time to try them out, today is a wonderful day to delight in some duck-starred dishes. Roasted Duck Express is well-loved for their authentic Cantonese Roasted Duck, but if yiu want a more specific dish of their to indulge in, then we suggest for you to try their 3-Way Roasted Duck.

Their 3-Way Roasted Duck is a fancy but budget-friendly and tasty experience for you and your loved ones. This exquisite choice of a dish comes in Whole and Half.

The Whole 3-Way Roasted Duck (Php 2599) is good for 6 to 8 people and is of 3 Sets. Set 1 includes 400 grams of roasted duck, 20 pcs of spring pancakes, 80 grams of cucumber sticks, 30 grams of onion leeks, and 60 grams of hoisin sauce; Set 2 comes with 500 grams minced duck, 200 grams lettuce, and 45 grams deep dried vermicelli; and then Set 3 is of 500 grams crispy salt and pepper duck!

Meanwhile, the Half 3-Ways with Free Yong-A Fried Rice (Php 1399) is good for 2 to 4 people and has 3 sets of delicious duck dishes. Set 1 is of Duck Pancake, Set 2 is of Minced Duck with Lettuce, and Set 3 is of Salt and Pepper Duck with Vinegar. On top of all these duck goodness is a free cup of Yong-A Fried Rice.

Roasted Duck Express is really into giving you and your loved ones the best duck goodness experience they could offer as they make sure to only use locally produced Pekin duck that is also world-class, farm fresh, and bred and processed by their sister company. Not only do they see to it that their ducks are of top quality, because they ensure that the other ingredients they use in their dishes such as vegetables and Chinese ingredients are from their reliable suppliers only.

Know more about Roasted Duck Express and the yumminess they have up for grabs by visiting their Facebook and Instagram Pages. They also have a Website you could check out for more details regarding their process and dishes.

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