AZALEA RESIDENCES BAGUIO: Your Perfect Haven This Summer!

It’s easy to get lost in the middle of the buzzing tourist activities and the breathtaking sights to see in Baguio. With the number of things that you could experience, you might want to keep walking and exploring all day. But at the end of the day, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you can not only rest, but also pamper and treat yourself with world class hospitality and amazing hotel services?


This is exactly what Azalea Residences in Baguio offers tourists and vacationers – a home away from home, a classy and world class accommodation that would definitely be part of your vacation highlights.


It’s perfectly located along the Leonard Wood Loop, away from the noise and activity of the hustling city centre but is in close proximity to all the must-see tourist spots in the city. Its optimal location makes it the perfect starting point for all the Baguio activities that you have lined up. It’s easily accessible to all forms of transportation, so whether you would drive or commute around the city, starting from or coming home to the residences would totally be hassle-free.








Azalea residences houses 99 luxurious rooms carefully structured to achieve the homey vibe and comfort of your own home. Each rooms have their own kitchen, so if you want to take a break from the sumptuous dishes that could be enjoyed in their Tradisyon Coffee Shop, you could easily whisk up and enjoy your own recipe inside your room.  Their deluxe rooms are divided into categories depending on their location in the residence. They have deluxe with front-view Balcony, deluxe-with Window only, deluxe with Back-view Balcony, Deluxe Center Rooms, and Deluxe loft.



DSC_2709Adding to the treats offered by the residences are the various facilities that their guests could enjoy. Tradisyon Coffee Shop would offer you with a feast of international and local cuisines that would definitely whet your appetite.


They also have the 8 degrees’ bar lounge where you could enjoy drinks and cocktails after a long day of adventure and exploration. You could also pamper yourself with their spa and massage services.


So the next time you visit Baguio, make sure that you don’t only look forward to visiting the famous tourist spots and dining experiences that the city offers, you also have to treat yourself to the best accommodation service that would offer you world class amenities, providing you with the comfort and relaxation like that of your own home. Your vacation definitely deserves nothing less than Azalea Residences.

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