#BACONnovation: KFC has finally launched their Baconized Zinger – this is not a drill!

Colonel Sanders is on it again! KFC is bringing you a meaty action that surely your palate have been craving for. With the all-time favorite Zinger made more craveable than it already is, your spiced up life will get a meatier twist – all thanks to the Baconized Zinger!

The Baconized Zinger is not as simple as the popular zinger sandwichingsome bacon in between, but rather this scrumptious trademark snack is umped up with three different types of bacon you definitely are going to love.

This newly launched Baconized Zinger is actually the KFC signature Zinger fillet topped with a slice of cheese, lettuce, and loaded with not only one, not even two, but three types of bacon action – baconnaise sauce, smoky BBQ bacon relish, and tasty strips of the classic ole bacon, all sandwiched in one huge bun.

Not only does this Baconized Zinger is all to watch out for as this bacon craze by KFC is also available in other formats:

1.) Zinger Ala Carte (Php 150)

2.) Ziger Combo (Php 199) which comes with fries and drinks

3.) Snacker Ala Carte (Php 100) also known as Baconized Zinger Jr.

4.) Snacker Combo (Php 154) which comes with fries and drinks

5.) Snacker FLM (Php 195) which is a fully loaded meal that comes with one piece chicken and rice

6.) Baconized Bucket of Fries (Php 99)

This revolutionary innovation or should we say baconnovation (?), from KFC is truly an actualization of dreams of any self-proclaimed lover of bacon, so if you are one who just loves bringing home the bacon or someone who can finally bring it home, then get your palate satisfied and your tummies happy now!

2 thoughts on “#BACONnovation: KFC has finally launched their Baconized Zinger – this is not a drill!

    1. Hi, Jasper! Items on the article have corresponding prices. ☺️ That being said, as you are looking for the Baconized Zinger Burger Regular, it is listed in the article as Zinger Ala Carte which amounts to Php 150. Please take note that prices may vary.

      Also, you can check out more about KFC Philippines here: https://www.kfc.com.ph

      Thank you! 🌻

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