Bai Hotel’s Ume Japanese Cuisine is one of our top fave Japanaese restaurants, so you gotta check ’em out

We are so in love with our Cebu trip so far, and we are on our second half of it as we take our Cebu adventure to another hotel which was Bai Hotel. Bai Hotel is a fairly new hotel that is great for tourists as well as travelling business folks.

That being said, on our first night here at Bai Hotel, we learned that they have a bunch of different dining options that are all in-house – one of which houses our comfort food which was of Japanese cuisine. Ume Japanese Cuisine opened the same time the hotel opened so that’s two years ago and people have been coming and going since then. No surprise there as Ume Japanese Cuisine is really something you will be wanting to come back to – especially if you are like us who are suckers for delicious Japanese food!

Its name was actually taken from the flower plant that was the cherry blossom which is a trademark of Japan because it is undeniably beautiful and cheery. They could accommodate up to 44 people, including their tatami Area in which shoes need to be removed when you are to dine there.

Anyway, Ume Japanese Cuisine is going for an authentic Japanese cuisine experience so let’s find out what they actually, shall we?

While waiting for our orders, we were served with their house tea alongside their complimentary appetizer that was already yummy. The complimentary appetizer was called Nambanzuki which was of tuna and salmon, sometimes red snapper.

Shrimp Tempura (Php 590)

And to officially start, we first had their Hane Gyoza (Php 240) which we got surprised with as it presented not the usual way gyozas are presented. These pan fried Japanese style dumplings are of beef and pork meat with vegetable. We had that with our classic fave, the Shrimp Tempura (Php 590). This one is a mouthwatering serving of deep-fried prawns in tempura batter.

Nature’s Spring Roll (Php 530)

After those, we headed to a few of their signatures, specifically Tuna Tataki (Php 480) which is seared tuna and fresh mixed vegetables with Bai Hotel original vinaigrette sauce as well as Nature’s Spring Roll (Php 530) which is shrimp tempura roll with crab stick sauce & cheese! Their servings really are generous so it was so easy for our tummies to get satisfied, but then again that won’t stop because we have yet more to devour.

From their Meat selection, we just could not say no to their Angus Fillet Teriyaki (Php 1600) which is of broiled angus beef tenderloin and vegetables with balsamic teriyaki sauce! We loved the blend of flavors and tenderness in each meaty piece we had.

Next we had a ramen of theirs, specifically their Shoyu Ramen (Php 360) which is a hearty and tasty bowl of egg noodles with cooked pork, egg, and vegetables with soy based broth, giving us that much-enjoyed slurp action we always go for!

With every savory mouthful we had, we could not wait and dive into some sweets hence going for not only one dessert, but two! Their Key Lime Pie (Php 120) which is a creamy light textured pie, on a stable crust, topped with a dallop of yuzu cream and their Mango Panna Cotta (Php 150) which is chilled creamy mango custard on a lattice seaweed of caramelized seaweed are two yummies we still think about and dream about today!

Ume Japanese Cuisine really is one for the books! We are already back here at Manila, but our minds are still miles away with Cebu because of Ume Japanese Cuisine. We sure will be back to try out more of their dishes, so if ever you find yourselves dining with them, you better try out what we had or order a different set and tell us your experience with them, too! Let’s exchange sumptuous notes, got it?

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Address: Ground Floor, Bai Hotel Cebu, Ouano Ave. cor Seno Blvd., North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City

Contact Number: (032) 888 2500

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 12PM to 2PM & 6PM to 10PM

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