Bake Batch will have you enjoying that freshly homebaked goodness you just can’t resist

We just can’t keep our hands to ourselves when there are baked goodies near us and we know we are not the only ones, because you are like us, too. You seem to can’t stop having freshly homebaked goodness as well, and don’t worry because we are not here to judge you, but we sure are here to tell you that you deserve it.

You deserve to delight in that warm and soft treat you get to have in every bite. You deserve to feel calm, safe, and at home even with the food you are eating. You deserve Bake Batch! Bake Batch is an online bakery in which you could get delicious savory and sweet buns as well as mouthwatering palm-sized cookies.

Their Flavored Buns are all homemade and come in three indulgent flavors and these are Basil Pesto, Fresh Banana, and Espresso Crème Brûlée. Their Basil Pesto Buns (5 pieces Php 325) are made out of their very own nut-free basil pesto; their Fresh Banana Buns (5 pieces Php 325) are made out of mashed fresh bananas topped with chia seeds; and their Espresso Crème Brûlée Buns (5 pieces Php 380) are filled with their espresso cream filling, topped with caramelized butter sugar.

If choosing for a certain flavor is too hard of a job for you, then today is yoir lucky day, because Bake Batch has an option in which you could enjoy all flavors in one box. Their box of Assorted Signature Buns (6 pieces Php 412) includes two of each flavors, so you sure will have a great time with each one of them.

Other than these yummy Flavored Buns, Bake Batch also has their Bittersweet and Espresso Caramel Palm-Sized Cookies up for grabs. Check them out on their Facebook and Instagram, and snatch all of them by filling out their Order Form.

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