Bake with Cassie will have you saying “Ubelicious!” in every bite!

Delicious? More like Ubelicious! With Bake with Cassie, what you are going to say is ubelicious, because well, if you still didn’t get the hint, they are all about ube, specifically Ube Pandesals! It is true that Ube Pandesals have been in the food scene for some time now, but we sure are not tired of it still.

Claiming to be a home of freshly baked pandesal we were no doubt excited to get our hands on their offerings, because we are ube lovers and we know you guys know that already. We also know that you guys are ube lovers as well, so what else are we waiting for, right?

Their Ube Cheese Pandesal (Php 230 for a Box of 20) is as straightfowrd as you think it is, but its delectableness… oh, man, its taste, feel, and even scent is so much more than what you are imagining it to be. Every bite is like a gift from ube cheese pandesal gods and we are so grateful to have been blessed by the experience to enjoy it.

Expanding their menu, Bake with Cassie also has Ube Halaya Cheese Pandesal (Php 280 for a Box of 20) and Ube Choco Pandesal (Php 250 for a Box of 20). We told you ubelicious is the perfect way to describe Bake with Cassie and we think an explanation as to why is not needed anymore, right?

Moreover, if you can’t help yourself, but to try more than one variant, then do note that Bake with Cassie also offers Assorted A (Php 240) which is a box filled of Ube Cheese and Ube Choco Pandesals, as well as Assorted B (Php 265) which is a box of Halaya Cheese and Choco Pandesals.

To know more about Bake with Cassie, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages; and to order you can send them a DM or text them at 09664910434.

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