Baked Sushi by Madam Rose is a win, that’s for sure!

This craze over Baked Sushi definitely had grown into something more than just a hype. From a simple sushi bake, online stores have came up of different variants, some even unique creations of their own, and customers surely have gone out of their way to get their hands on what has made them drool even by just seeing it on their screens.

Speaking of an online store which you can get drool-worthy trays of sumptuous goods, Baked Sushi by Madam Rose has different varieties of Baked Sushis you could choose from. Plus, you can get all of their offerings in different sizes, too, so yes, if you have a big appetite, they sure have a big tray to satisfy you.

Their Salmon Baked Sushi (Medium Php 750 | Large Php 1150 | Extra Large Php 2200) is a classic that many of their return customers have had the pleasure of having over and over again. Who wouldn’t go for another round of this anyway? No one, because this one is filled and topped with generous chunks of salmon, so you know you are getting what you deserve.

Meanwhile, if you are a self-proclaimed lover of cheese or anything that has cheese in it, then their Cheesy Salmon Baked Sushi (Medium Php 800 | Large Php 1250 | Extra Large Php 2400) is the perfect tray for you. Every mouthful you will have of this will surely give you that much loved cheesy goodness alongside its heaping salmon chunks.

If you want to see more delish trays of Baked Sushi by Madam Rose, you can check them out on their Facebook and Instagram pages. To order, do know that they are also available on foodpanda and that they accept same day orders.

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