Baking the Difference: Flourist PH making the world a sweeter place, one baked goodie at a time

Up for something different today? Well, you surely can rely on Flourist PH when it comes to making the difference or baking the difference rather. Yes, Floursit PH is baking the difference and their wide selection of pastries is a testament to that difference. Baking fresh goodies everyday, Flourist PH has been making a buzz for almost a year now and you surely will be adding to that buzz once you get your hands on their nomnoms today!

Their Carrot Cake (Loaf Size Php 580 | 8×8 Php 1050) is a crowd pleaser. This veggie-starred treat also has cream cheese and walnuts all over it, so it sure is like an adventure to your palate, because it is not only delicious, but texture-filled as well.

Following that is another well-loved Flourist PH product and that is none other than their Red Velvet Cake (Loaf Size Php 480 | 8×8 Php 880). Moist cake with layer of cream cheese and red velvet crumbs on it? “Yes!” is the only answer that.

Another yummy that would have you going “Yes!” is their Chocolate Snowbars (Box f 16 Php 680). This one comes in a box of bittersweet chocolate lusciousness that will instantly be your guilty pleasure. It surely is safe to say that this one stands out from the crowd.

Other than these three delectable pastries, Flourist PH has so much more to offer, so you better check all those out as well. Know more about them and their products by visiting their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Located at Grave Village, Quezon City, Flourist PH is accepting orders from Monday to Sunday and can deliver via Grab or Mr. Speedy.    

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