Serving you yummies from morning ’til night, Terraza Restaurant by Club Balai Isabel gotchu

Good morning does not only mean we woke up on the right side of the bed or that our beds are the comfiest it has ever been – although those are also the case, a good morning for us means waking up knowing a hearty, lovely breakfast is waiting for us and actually digging into it proves it absolutely is worth the early wake up time.

Waking up to another gloomy day, we did not let the weather affect our moods and just headed to Club Balai Isabel’s Terraza Restaurant where they house their breakfast buffet for their guests. We chose the nearest possible seat to the pool and to the picturesque view of Taal Lake, easily soaking up the beauty that is in front of us.

All the while enjoying what is in front of us, of course, we did not forget our purpose of actually going there – and that is none other than to fill ourselves up with breakfast nomnoms that would amp us up even more.

Club Balai Isabel prepared a variance of breakfast options for their guests and so there really is something for everyone. They cooked some congee which we got to flavor on our own as Club Balai Isabel also gave their diners the option to put as much garlic, eggs, leeks, and even chili as they want.

Fom a carby start, let’s go all the way to more carbs and that our friend, are the breads and the pastries – the baked goodies, so to say! They have different breads that diners will really delight in taking a bite of as everything is freshly made, including their pancakes.

And if you are looking for something quick, light, and healthy, salads are also available. We also did play up our salad in our preference because it sure was not only fun, but also because we really enjoy experiencing a lot of things on our own.

When you feel a lil’ more food won’t hurt, then you are right, because we have more for you to watch and taste, too! Mains were also prepared by Club Balai Isabel such as Sinaing na Ulingan, Chicken Tocino, Pork Menudo, Beef Picadillo, and of course, alongside some rice options like plain and garlic.

There was also an egg station set up near our table. Here, we requested our own preferred egg dish. Omelette, sunny side up egg, scrambled egg – whatever it is, they sure could do it!

Savoring in all those, you might get tired chewing, but fret not, because all those could be resolved with some good ole’ fashion quenchers. They have different fruit juices as they are also offering some milk and coffee.

Not only do they have fresh juices being made and served, Club  Balai Isabel also offers fresh fruits like avocado and pineapple for dessert. You can also opt for something that will make the kid in you resurface as you get to munch on some cereals like we did.

This undeniably was a fun breakky time with Club Balai Isabel’s Terraza Restaurant. It was as straightforward and as simple as it can be, but it certainly has almost everything you want in your breakfast.

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Address: Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

Contact Number: (043) 773 0004

Hours of Operation: Always Open

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