Balay sa Busay: This restaurant in Cebu is reliving almost forgotten Pinoy recipes

Opened just a year ago, Balay sa Busay is serving favorite comfort food with a taste of home and a unique Cebuano touch, making it a new modern Filipino food destination in Busay, Cebu. Not only does it offer delectable dishes that are so hard to say no to, Balay sa Busay also offers a picturesque view of the city landscape and ocean view with a cool breeze, giving you that mush-desired breather for a pleasurable dining experience like no other.

With its furniture and fixtures featuring a transitional style that is of both traditional and modern, you could probably say that Balay sa Busay took inspiration from old Filipino ancestral houses. The huge space they have can be enjoyed by diners as they have the option to dine in the comfort of an air-conditioned room or the freshness of the open-air veranda that treats your eyes with a panoramic Cebu view.

Pancit-Batil-Patong (Half Php 245 | RegPhp 359)

That being said, we just can’t let the opportunity of dining with them while we are at Cebu pass, so we really took it upon ourselves to make our lunch at Balay sa Busay possible. We started with some starters of theirs such as their Mixed Roots Chips (Php 115) which is a bowl of potato, sweet potato, and gabi chips that has that playful mix of sweet, spicy, and salty; their Ang Paboritong Sisig ni Tatay (Php 245) which surely was presented uniquely as it was served on a custom-made shovel-like plate; their Pomelo Salad (Php 212) which was a hearty bowl of refreshing sweet greens that boosted our energy up; as well as their Pancit-Batil-Patong (Half Php 245 | RegPhp 359) that we just could not stop ourselves from taking a slurp of over and over again.

Hamonada sa Among Bukid (Php 450)

From a bunch of starters, we soon jumped onto their tasty mains , specifically their meat offerings first, like their Adobong Binisaya ni Bebe (Half Php 280 | Reg (Php 435) which was crispy and tender at the same time; their Hamonada sa Among Bukid (Php 450) which was sporting that much-loved sweet and savory combo; and their Chickenillo (Php 450) which had us drooling the moment it was served on our table.

Shrimps in Buko (Php 335)
Fried Pompano with Chili Sauce (Php 450)

And of course, having some meaty mains, we are not going to say no to some seafood, too! We had a really sumptuous time with their Shrimps in Buko (Php 335) which was something new to our palate, their Squid Barbecue (Php 245) which undeniably was so easy to love, and their Fried Pompano with Chili Sauce (Php 450) which is such a must-try for fanatics of fish dishes.

Having a lot of savories pleasuring our taste buds, of course, we just had to pair it with rice, and Balay sa Busay was generous enough to offer us their Pochero Rice (Php 415) which actually was of stone pot rice. This one was served hot and appetizing which had us satisfied in no time.

To help us gulp all those down, we got our table Balay sa Busay’s Agua de Pepino (Php 349) which was downright refreshing in each and every sip we took.

Banana Cue Ala Mode (Php 119)

Last, but definitely not the least, because this is actually our fave part of every meal. What we had for dessert was their Palitaw na Yema (Php 79) which actually is a part of their merienda selection and is a Filipino recipe that has been long forgotten by many; alongside their Banana Cue Ala Mode (Php 119) which we recommend you give a shot of!

Balay sa Busay really made our Cebu trip unforgettable as we have learned a lot about Cebuano cusine and Filipino cuisine in general. Many Filipino recipe are really no longer being done, but Balay sa Busay is trying to relive a lot of those, so better drop by and find more about them and their delicious offerings – just like their drinks.

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Address: Cebu Tops Rd, Cebu City, Cebu

Contact Number: (032) 354 7169

Hours of Operation: 11AM to 11PM

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