Banamon: Your newest fave healthy and yummy snack

Looking for a healthy treat to munch on? The guilt of snacking has caught up? If you are still in the process of letting yourself enjoy on a little indulgence, then Banamon is the way for you to go! Banamon is a pastry shop that makes these delectable goodies called banamons, what else?!

Baked fresh and homemade with love, these Fruity Banamons are made mainly with bananas and are actually vegan-friendly, too, as they have no refined sugar, no eggs, and no butter! They have also substituted all purpose flour with whole wheat flour, have used organic coconut oil, and have more fiber as they have added oats and more bananas into their recipe. These treats are rich in protein, antioxidants, and healthier fats all because of bananas being their main ingredient.

Come on and experience pure bliss as you gve into your snacky personality and just go on a munching spree with these yummies, starting with their Classic Banamon which will have you addicted to it as you will fall in love with it in every bite, no doubt!

Follow that one with their OC Banamon which is a crowd favorite as this one is of oatmeal banana muffins filled with cream cheese inside. This one truly is a pleaser as this is loaded with fiber and antioxidants, alongside the right amount of healthy fat, Vitamin A, and Riboflavin which is Vitamin B2 – all thanks to the oats as well as the cream cheese, respectively.

After having the time of your life with their OC Banamon and you feel like having that much loved crunch, you might want to try their Banana Crumble. This one is an absolute delight and if you are a fan of apple crumble, then you surely are in for a treat for this banamon variant. Get yourself these soft and sweet mini banana crumble muffins and catch yourself losing count of the pieces you have gobbled down in a short span of time.

And of course, if you are a lover of chocolate, Banamon has a Choco PB Banamon just for you! This one is of banana, dark cocoa, and peanut butter wonderfully mishmashed together in order to provide you this delicious, but also oh-so-good goodie for you. Truly, there is nothing else you could ask for.

These delectable Banamon variants are indeed made with so much love so you will undeniably feel the comfort of just snacking your worries away! To order, drop Banamon a message on their Instagram page and fill out their order form. Enjoy!

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