Be ready to get handsy with BE GRAND Bohol’s Monkey Bar!

As much as we were excited to hit our beds and wrap ourselves up in our fluffy comforters, we of course, headed first near the beach of Be Grand Resort since we are in for a boodle fight that is being offered in one of their dining concepts, the Monkey Bar. The Monkey Bar actually is currently undergoing some renovation and revamping, both structure-wise and food-wise, but that won’t stop us from enjoying one of its offering – the Be Boodle Caboodle.

The Be Boodle Caboodle is their offering of a fun boodle fight that will provide their guests and diners the joy of experiencing Filipino fiesta – lots of food and unique kamayan experience! Good for 4 to 6 people, this one is great for family eat outs and barkada catch up sesh. No one will leave hungry because the inclusions of Be Boodle Caboodle will fill you up in no time.

Spread open and served fresh, Be Boodle Caboodle is consisted of a mix of both meat and seafood, specifically tanigue, chicken inasal, tapa, liempo, squid, and lumpiang sisig. Other than that, it also has ensaladang talong as a side to balance out all the meaty goodness. And to make all that even more flavorful than it already is, Be Boodle Caboodle also comes with a bunch of sauces and dips such as pinakurat, bagoong, toyomansi, sukangputi, honeymansi, and sweet and spicy sauce.

We absolutely enjoyed munching up all the meats and seafood right in front of us, all the while taking some pinches off of the ensaladang talong, and reaching of course, for a hefty serving of freshly cooked steamed white rice in the form of their brand that is “be”.

But wait, if you think that’s all you are going to get, of course, you got that wrong, because alongside all those savories come refreshment to help you finish everything up. You could go for some fresh citrus juices like Cucumber, Lemonade, and Four Seasons!

As this version of Be Boodle Caboodle highlights more of their meaty options and only a few of seafood, you could also instead go for their Be Boodle Caboodle – Fisherman’s Catch which, if it isn’t obvious yet, is of gifts of the sea, so that means more fish, shrimp, squid, and the like. And so, when you are staying with Be Grand Resort, don’t miss out on this one-of-kind Pinoy dining experience and go have the time of your life with their Monkey Bar.

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Address: Be Resorts Drive, Brgy. Danao, Panglao, Bohol

Contact Number: (038) 412 9000

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