Be sure to not miss out on a delicious dining experience with Exotika Terrace & Grill Restaurant only at Donatela Hotel

Why settle for just a view when you can actually dine just a few kilometers away at the heart of the ever gorgeous, ever stunning Alona Beach that is of pristine, crisp, and almost crystal clear waters with fine white sand, right?






Boasting a fusion of Asian and European favorites such as pizza oven, salads, and grilled meats and seafood, all in a comfortable setting which is actually inside a gorgeous store of souvenirs and stuff, Exotika is truly a must-visit.




With the night still young, we started this kick-off for our much anticipated break from toxicity with Exotika Terrace & Grill Restaurant’s Empanada Veggies and Chicken that surely was the perfect munchies to start with as the tenderness of the chicken really went well with crunchiness of the veggies in every bite.


Next to that is a dish that was sure to give us just the right tease of what fun is set out for us tonight, the Bachoy is just so mouthwatering good that even just remembering it makes us drool as it is a hearty, warm bowl of absolute awesome delight in every spoonful!


Heading onto another popular Filipino dish that is made with delectable pork belly, the Lechon Kawali with Black Rice is perfectly deep-fried, golden, and crispy in every bite with it having crunchy skin and moist, soft meat that is a heaven to the palate, partnered with a serving of rice that demands much attention as it is not only filling but intriguing with its color being black which makes it even more appetizing.


Another porky adventure that demands to be eaten up as well and should be eaten up, no doubt, is the Pork BBQ Inihaw which is of pork belly inihaw with Asian sauce, served with not one, but two side dishes of your choice, mashed potato or rice, and greens from their very own garden.


And of course, we are no chicken so this next dish won’t stop us from devouring more dishes tonight as this one is the Grilled Marinated Chicken which is a hefty plate of half chicken with fresh herbs, served with mashed potato, and mixed greens, which again, are fresh from their lovely garden.



Topping this all off, ironically the frosting on top of our cupcake even though we did not have any cupcake for this dinner, comes in three delightful sweet treats, the Apple Tart which really is a delightful, buttery pastry, the Lemon Cheesecake which is an all-time favorite American dessert made with cream cheese, and the Chocolate Mousse which is of rich dark Belgian chocolate mousse with chocolate shavings are all just a sumptuous end for a beautiful starry night like no other.

That being said, Exotika Terrace & Grill Restaurant is such a must-try dining experience here at Donatela Hotel because you are really to miss out on a lot of awesome flavors if you do not give this one a chance of serving you with greatness as they do not only have some amazing dishes for you, but also impeccable customer service making this dinner of ours not just great, but certainly top-notch!


Address: Alona Beach Rd, Panglao, 6340 Bohol

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 730AM to 930PM

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