Be wrapped in sugary bliss with The Pastry Company!

Whipping up such a sugary bliss, The Pastry Company is all about giving you the most delectable cakes, pastries, savory treats, and dessert bars they could offer. Truly, your sweet tooth will be filled and satisfied all thanks to The Pastry Company.

For today, what we had with them are two of their bestselling cakes that we know you will go crazy for, especially if you are an ube lover like us! Their Classic Ube Cake and Ube Custard are decadent cake choices that could turn your party even more fun and memorable or a regular day extra special like you are.

The Classic Ube Cake (Php 1000) is a tall round cake just waiting to be devoured! Comes as a 3-layer Ube chiffon cake with whipped cream and icing, this one is a promise of soft, moist, and creamy goodness like no other, so what else are you waiting for? Go get yours now!

Meanwhile, if you want to go for something a little bit adventurous, but still an ube treat, then The Pastry Company’s Ube Custard (Php 900) is what you are looking for! This one is an ube sponge cake layered with creamy leche flan and topped with caramel sauce. Oh, yeah, you read that right – this is a cake and leche flan combo which makes it a 2-in-1 treat perfect for any celebration!

There you have it – two Ube goodies you could definitely go for at The Pastry Company! If any of these two doesn’t float your boat, then don’t be sad, because The Pastry Company has so much more cake variants just ready to be picked up and enjoyed.

To know more aout The Pastry Company and their products, you can surely check them out on Facebook and Instagram. They are also available on GrabFood, so if you are near Del Monte, Quezon City then you are in luck!

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