Beanleaf Coffee & Tea: Serving you a bit of everything under one roof

Coffee. Frappe. Teas. Milkteas. Snacks. Heavy Meals. Can’t decide what exactly you are going for or maybe your go-to cafe isn’t serving whatever it is you are craving for? No worries, honey, we are here for you! Living in a country that has an affinity of trying out what’s popular, there’s no denying that there are a lot of coffee shops as well as milk tea bars popping around and just waiting to be tried. Serving you a one-stop-shop for all your needs and yes, even your wants, Beanleaf Coffee & Tea is all about giving you that complete and much-loved cafe experience that other cafes may fall short of.

Normally, cafes and milktea stores focuse on one product alone, leaving their customers with only a few options to indulge in, but that’s not the case for Beanleaf Coffee & Tea, because as they have noticed that gap and has been established in 2014, they have provided their customers a more inviting selection of not only drinks, but dishes as well, all under one roof. Yay!

With a load of delectable drinks alongside yummy nomnoms, you sure will be able to connect in every cup in a venue that you can satisfy your cafe cravings all the while enjoying quality time with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones, so here are some of what we got to try when we recently hosted a Bloggers’ Event for them:

Fruit Teas

Starting off with only a few of us and just in time for siesta, we wanted to bring the energy in the room upwards, so we opted to start with rejuvenating Fruit Teas! These enticing colorful bevs got us hooked the moment we got a sip of each – Raspberry Blueberry, Citrus Malunggay, and Green Apple Lychee!

Espresso-based Drinks & Espresso Blend Frappe

Following those energy-boosting drinks with more wake-uppers, we opted for some caffeine-based bevs such as Hot Cafe Mocha as well as Beanleaf Latte Over Ice. We also got to slurp our way through Coffee Jelly, Coffee Crumble, and Mocha Java – these are the drinks that coffee lovers will sure fall in love with.

Dairy Blends

Having to try Beanleaf Coffee & Tea’s Espresso Blends, of course, we also slurped a few of their Dairy Blends, which by the ways, kids – and kids at heart – will take pleasure in! Their Nutella Overload, Milo Monster, Raspberry Choco, and Japanese Matcha are such goodies we would be going back for.


Taking a break from drinking, we then went for a munching spree. Beanleaf Tea & Coffee served us their  Platter A which is a serving of squid, fries, fish fillet, chicken fillet, french fries, and nachos – good for barkada, we are telling ya! We also carbed it up with their oh-so-yummy Carbonara as well as a plate of Whole Sausage with Mashed Potato.

Brown Sugar

From digging into their food, we raised our heads and started sipping again, starting with their Brown Sugar line. We had their classic Brown Sugar Milk Tea as well as their Brown Sugar Pearl Milk which surprise, surprise, is really served with milk!

Milk Cheese Froth

This line is a personal favorite, really – Milk Cheese Froth! Milk. Cheese. Froth. Oh my, what more can we say? It’s everything we wanted and more, especially their bestseller, the MCF Wintermelon! You could also go for their MCF Dark Chocolate and MCF Japanese Matcha, and we are certain you wouldn’t regret it!


Of course, milk tea lovers won’t feel out of place here at Beanleaf Coffee & Tea; as we have mentioned, they are a one-stop-shop, so here you go. Pearl Milk Tea, Okinawa Milk Tea, and Wintermelon Milk Tea are just a few of their must-tries and you really should try!

True to its claim, Beanleaf Coffee & Tea has everything you are probably drooling for, especially as they are going 40 branches – can you imagine that?! Whoa, right?! Plus, their beans are sourced locally and every quarter, they do reformulation for their drinks, giving the best quality they could offer, catering to the Asian taste as they are a Filipino brand. You gotta love local, right?

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Featured Branch: Beanleaf Coffee & Tea – Fishermall QC

Address: Fisher Mall, 4/F, 325 Quezon Ave, Quezon City, 1104 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0927 288 8881

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays 10AM to 9PM

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