BEIRUTI BITE EXPRESS: Your one-stop-shop for middle eastern cuisines

Middle Eastern cuisine is no longer a mystery to most Filipinos, due to the increasing number of food stalls and food parks offering a quick fix of the usual favorites such as: hummus, falafel, and shawarma. Despite the spike in the restaurant industry these past few years, it’s still pretty hard to find a cheap place that could give you a satisfying meal! And who doesn’t get tired of going to the same old fast food chains just to save some money? Fellas, worry no more – if you are around BGC here’s my solution for you: BEIRUTI BITE EXPRESS.

If you want to divert from your usual fast-food routine without sacrificing your budget, go to Beiruti Express located at the ground floor Market Market, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. They offer all of your favorite middle-eastern dish – in rice plates and filling sandwiches. Here is a photo of some of my favorite dish:

Hummus – Php 49C360_2017-07-14-10-37-17-658[1]

For those who aren’t familiar what hummus is, and why I really love it- it is a puree of chick peas mixed with garlic, lemon juice, and sesame paste – which basically screams YUM and HEALTHY!

Beef Saj – Php 85C360_2017-07-14-10-27-49-465[1]

I know this one looks a lot like Quesadilla but it definitely isn’t- first of, quesadilla will taste amazing with a flavorful and a bit spicy Mexican dip or Salsa- this one works well on its own and sometimes I use it with a little hummus as well.

Falafel Sandwich – Php 59C360_2017-07-13-22-42-41-002[1]

I first tried Falafel while I was in Canada, and my dear, I was in it for mouthful surprise. Amongst all dish prepared by Beiruti, this one tastes the best! PLus it’s really healthy and a good vegetarian alternative without even realizing it!

Chicken Shawarma – Php 55C360_2017-07-14-10-25-17-636[1]

Shawarmas are very common here in PH, and stalls for this are frankly- quite easy to find, but most of the shawarmas you can get are made up of beef- Chicken Shawarma’s (that are good) are actually not that easy to find! and Beiruti has blessed us with one!

Beef Shawarma – Php 55C360_2017-07-14-10-34-54-294[1]

Another thing I really like about Beiruti is the additional garnish on the side, in which you can add to your filling. I find it extremely convenient since I won’t have to constantly ask them to put more stuff in the dish, so you know that they aren’t being frugal with the ingredients.

So that’s it! if you are looking for a quick delicious bite, at a very affordable price, visit Beiruti Bite Express, for a healthy alternative to your everyday lunch! 🙂


Facebook: Beiruti Bite Express

Instagram: Beiruti Bite Express

Address: Ground Floor, Market! Market!, Near Beyond the Box, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Contact: +63 9219264635


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