Best-loved: Here are my 5 Personal Faves – Inflatable Island 2019 Edition

Undeniably, there is no place I’d rather be than my bed. Getting up from it and actually doing things is a daily battle I know you relate to. Sometimes, I just want to wrap myself in my blankie and be a human burrito and don’t you dare tell me not once you wanted that as well…

But this day is different from those days as I was so pumped up for the beach! And this time, it’s not just any other beach where I can bask in the sun, take natural glow up pictures of myself in a bikini, and swim to my heart’s content, but actually, this is the kind of beach where in I did all those things as well as I climbed and slid, jumped and flew, plus there was even a time that I felt like I was thrown away – in a good way, don’t you worry – and I just have to share with you what made me say every twist and turn is totally worth it when it comes to the biggest floating playground in Asia, the Inflatable Island.

The Inflatbale Island is as big as not one, not two, not even three, but eight basketball courts put together side by side, containing inflatable slides, towers, bridges, swings, and so much more! And so with that, here are my five faves regarding this over-the-top reimagined beach play!

Photo by: Inside Manila

1.) Sunflower Lounge

Let’s start with some onshore teasers. This new addition lounge of theirs is truly a fun, colorful way to rest near the shore. Bright yellow lounges with umbrellas for shade and tons of huge sunflowers around? Inflatable Island’s Sunflower Lounge is indeed a vibrant, impactful resting place that is also perfect for sunbathing.

Photo by: Spot.PH

2.) Unicorn Trampoline

I know, I know. The Unicorn Island is actually another inflatable attraction that is so last year because it literally was installed last year, but it is my first time here, so for me, everything is just brand new such as the Unicorn Trampoline which is such a dream come true experience for me. I have always wanted a trampoline when I was younger, and yes, I admit I have never stopped wanting it even up to this day.

Photo by: Primer

3.) Unicornzilla

In lieu of a fun unicorn inflatable attraction, the Unicornzilla is one of their newest additions that I really enjoyed and would like to do over and over again because it is that much fun! The climb is just so worth it, especially that anything that is about and of a unicorn has always had me gasping for admiration, and so seeing this not just huge, but even bigger than huge inflatable unicorn has the child in me wheezing of excitement. Reaching the top of this is just amazing as on top is a swimming pool that could hold 20 people. After climbing and enjoying the pool, I slid down its gigantic rainbow tail and all I could say is I am so happy and I have never thought I would be able to do that, considering there are allegedly no unicorns in the world!

Photo by: Primer

4.) Vortex Slide Drop

Another new inflatable attraction that promises rush to any adrenaline junkie is the Vortex which is dubbed as their craziest inflatable yet which really is understandable, being you have to do another climb and choose among three options of how you’re going to go down into the water. And so, among those three options, my ultimate favorite is the Vortex Slide Drop because well, you’re going to slide and just drop into the water. I still remember the feeling of having my legs flailing into the air trying to figure out where the water is until I was dropped straight into the deep.

Photo by: When in Manila

5.) Human Launcher

And now, for my super duper mega over ultimate total favorite and what I consider the highlight of my Inflatable Island experience this 2019: the Human Launcher. Oh boy, I will forever remember the time I was literally launched into air, twirled mid-drop, and finally dropped into the water. I was the one who first tried this when we were there and no one has any idea what the human launcher actually does. The Kuyas (the ones assisting us; they are many, don’t you worry) just told me to lie down and wait for what will happen until they jumped and all I could remember is me launched up and into the water again.

Oh, how I miss all the fun I did at Inflatable Island. I kinda wish I live near it, so I can do everything again. I will surely be sliding and dropping and launching all over again because really it was that much fun. I won’t deny how the floating playground made my heart beat fast, but then again just like how the famous saying goes “It’s about being afraid and doing it anyway” and that’s what kept me going until I realized I have finished and conquered the whole floating playground!

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Address: Olongapo – Bugallon Rd, Olongapo, Zambales

Contact Number: 0917 835 2665

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 8AM to 6PM

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