Binge on all these umami-filled goodies by Wi Lo Asian Comfort Food

As much as we enjoy eating using our bare hands while we dig into our classic Filipino food faves, don’t you think switching up to chopsticks and Asian food from time to time is exciting, too? Asian food is really flavorful and there is no denying in that. The waves of umami taste it gives us in every bite and chew is something that is just so fun to have again and again.

If you totally get what we are talking about as Asian food is also a comfort of yours, then you are in luck today, because Wi Lo Asian Comfort Food is all about bringing Asian Comfort Food to the table! What they are offering are perfect, especially for when you are just drooling over those sumptuous array of food on the KDramas you are watching!

Their Korean Fishcake (Php 120) as well as their Tteokbokki with Odeng and Cheese (Php 150) are not only a yummy way to ease you into the Asian comfort food zone, as it is also an awesome way for you to get right into it. These two goodies by Wi Lo Asian Comfort Food really will have you reaching for more than what you think you wanted.

As your tastebuds probably will be demanding for more delectable comfort, Wi Lo’s Kimbap (Php 130) and Chicken Wings (Half Dozen Php 180) are a delight you should not and would not want to miss out on. Believe us, you will regret not getting these two as well!

Although, after all these savories going down your tummy, Wi Love Asian Comfort Food also has a few desserts just waiting for you to dig into them. Love up their Coffee Jelly (Php 90), their Mango Jelly Tapioca (Php 100), and their Buko Pandan (Php 100) and catch yourself ending your meal time with a sweet smile on your face.

For orders, you just have to completely fill out their order form, send them a message on their Facebook or Instagram pages and wait for them to reply. You can also reach them via their mobile number at +639271290416.

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