Bite!MNL’s Tin Can Cakes will have you asking the question, “Why Not Chocnut?”

Ironically, you will be taking more than just bite from Bite!MNL, because their goodies will make you do so. You surely will start with a bite, but you sure will not end with just one. With their menu packed with probably every little bit of your sweet cravings, Bite!MNL is more than ready to satisfy you!

They have Cookies and Cupcakes for when you want to go easy at first. However, if you want to go big right away, then say hello to their Whole 6″ and 8″ cakes that are just delish! You can also opt for their Cake Tins which are tin can cakes, if you are wondering.

Their Cake Tins come in seven drool-worthy variants and three of those were newly released just months ago. The newest additions are Creme Brulee, Coffee Walnut, and Why Not Chocnut.

Want some moist layers of sponge cream and custard topped with torched sugar? That is their Creme Brulee Cake Tin (Php 499) you are looking for!

How about a moist coffee cake layered with coffee mousse, chopped walnuts, and topped with a thin layer of 70% Belgian Dark Chocolate? That’s none other than their Coffee Walnut Cake Tin (Php 529) and it is undeniably great for when you are a coffee lover.

And of course, if you are wondering why we don’t recommend you stopping at two Cake Tins, well, it is because you have got to have their Why Not Chocnut Cake Tin (Php 529). This one is of dark chocolate cake base layered with chocnut mousse, white chocolate, and chocnut crumbs, too.

Bite!MNL sees to it that what they make are of top quality, so all their products are made to order. If you want to have those trendy Minimalist Cakes, just hit them up too and they could make it for you.

For more information, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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