Boba House: You sure will wish this is your house!

We have heard the saying “You can’t buy happiness” many times in our life than we want to admit, but then again, we can buy milktea and that’s kind of the same thing, right? We mean, on a down day, we often find ourselves buying a cup of milktea so as to boost our spirits up. Sometimes, we also get ourselves some milktea as a reward for a job well done, so yes, happiness cannot be bought really, but milktea makes us happy and surely, that can be bought.

And as we found ourselves sitting and sipping another cup of milktea, we remembered you guys and how you have always been with us, through and through, and how you guys are also suckers for milktea! Milkteas are just so easy to love, right? Well, if you have found yourselves nodding in agreement, then we definitely found a house you will always want to be at – the Boba House.

Boba House will be the place you would want to be spending your days at as you go on rounds of their Milktea Selection. Currently, their selection of milktea comes in five categories and these are Milktea, Premium Milktea, Rock Salt & Cheese Cream Series, Cheesecake with Pearl, and Brown Sugar Series.

No doubt, we enjoyed sipping and slurping the pearls out of our Brown Sugar Milktea (Php 99) which you can also have in Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (Php 99). Other than their Brown Sugar ones, we also got to try one of their fairly new releases – the Milo Dinosaur. Oh, this one is our childhood in milktea form and we absolutely loved it!

Besides their Milktea options, Boba House also has other beverages up for grabs and one of those is their Yakult Fruit Tea which we think you should not miss out on! These ones are revitalizing and delectable, especially their Lemon Yakult which is available in Hefty (Php 79) and Mighty Php 89).

There are so much more for you to snatch and sip at Boba House, so you better make the most of it and order as much as you can when you get the chance. They definitely could deliver to your house, so better check them out on their Socials – Facebook and Instagram.

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