Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan branch has a secret menu!

Remember the days when milktea was still a new thing that people are even having second thoughts trying it out? Well, it’s hard to picture that now since it is all what is raved about, but Bon Appetea is a name that has been in the milktea scene ever since, and they have a lot of different branches now – some on the metro, others outside of it. Aside from being one of the pioneers here in the Philippines regarding offering milktea drinks, Bon Appetea is also known for their Monster Milktea which is what people who has milktea coursing in their veins should go for.

As there are many Bon Appeatea branches around the country, the Milagrosa Katipunan branch may just be one of the biggest, if it isn’t the biggest branch. They can accommodate 50 to 80 diners and drinkers. Besides that, they are also pet friendly, so from time to time, diners get to see and play, if the owner permits, with fun furry friends.

Enough talks, though, because it’s time for drinks and dishes. Being known as a milktea shop, Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan branch has some go-to milktea variants like their Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Medium Php 90 | Large Php 100 | Monster Php 130), Nirvana (Small Php 70 | Medium Php 90 | Large Php 100 | Monster Php 130), Strawberry Cream Puff (Medium Php 125 | Large Php 135), and Salted Caramel (Small Php 70 | Medium Php 90 | Large Php 100 | Monster Php 130).

The Milagrosa Katipunan branch also has some delectable non-milktea drinks, but no less fun, too, like their Green Apple Sparkling Bobba (Php 100) and Tropical Passion (Small Php 60 | Medium Php 80 | Large Php 90 | Monster Php 120) which are both refreshing, especially amidst the heat.

However, Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan branch is not actually only a milktea shop, as they have a lot of food on their menu, too. They got some Niner Bowls that are sure to be right on the budget like Spanish Sardines (Php 109), Chicken Arrozcaldo (Php 119), Longganisa (Php 129), Corned Beef Hash (Php 139), and Sirloin Tapa (Php 139). All these are undeniably a fare of Filipino faves.

That’s not all they got, though, because they got dishes that are not part of their menu, but really, are delicious and satisfying as well such as Hungarian Sausage (Php 109), Leg Quarter (Php 119), Daing na Bangus (Php 129), and Cheesy Bacon Fries.

Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan branch really is an amazing food and drink spot to be in, especially as they are a venue of different workshops, plannings, and meetings, too. They are also conscious of what they are serving and what they use to serve those, too, like the eggs they use in their products are actually cage-free eggs, meaning the chickens are in a stress-free environment. Their employees are also from the seed program of Gawad Kalinga so as to give more opportunities to who need it the most.

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Address: YDG Building 219 Katipunan Avenue Extension, Brgy Milagrosa, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Information: +639566988500

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