BonChon Philippines now offers Ready-to-Cook Food Packs

If you are too tied to your school or office responsibilities today and you just can’t stand up from your seat or even be bothered with all the whambam that comes with making a dish, then why not opt for ready-to-cook meal packs instead? You sure will be saving some time, energy, and effort as preparing the ingredients for cooking will surely be cut off from the process. And if that idea entices you, then you better get excited even more if Korean cuisine is something that makes you drool, because BonChon’s signature dishes are now available as ready-to-cook food packs which you can undeniably munch on without leaving your house.

Photo grabbed from BonChon Chicken Philippines

Don’t worry about the variety, too, because BonChon made sure their patrons has delectable options to choose from which includes packs of Marinated Chicken, Frozen Mandu, and Fish Fillet, which you can also pair with Honey Citrus, Crunchy Garlic, and Fried Garlic dips for extra yum in the tum! A pack of Marinated Beef Bulgogi is also up for grabs and this one really is a great pairing to rice.

Photo grabbed from BonChon Chicken Philippines

And if what you are worried about is how will you be able to cook BonChon’s ready-to-cook offering, then do know that each ready-to-cook pack has easy instructions you can follow.

Here is BonChon’s ready-to-cook pack menu:

Photo grabbed from BonChon Chicken Philippines

Do keep in mind as well that BonChon’s ready-to-cook packs are available in select stores only, which you can all check here.

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*Featured Photo grabbed from BonChon Chicken Philippines

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