Boost Up Productivity with The Custard Buns

Pastries and Coffee have been our partners in keeping our mood up and our mind awake and alert when we need to pull an all-nighter. Feeling both overwhelmed and underwhelmed of everything that is happening around us, or even when we just want to take a breather, these two have really a big help, and so when we tumbled upon The Custard Buns and their well-loved offering of both, we know we just have to have them!

The Custard Buns has brought to Manila a famous street snack in Bangkok and it is none other than their soft and fluffy chargrilled bread generously filled with custard inside. Their buns, which are inspired from that popular Bangkok street snack, has that delectable smoky taste that goes well with that delicious kick of caffeine which The Custard Buns is also offering in the form of TCB Espresso.  

Their offering of Custard Buns comes in an array of lip-smacking good flavors such as Ube Plain, Ube Cheese, Mango Graham, Cheesy Mango, and Crunchy Peanut Butter. If you want to go for their bestsellers, though, what you should call dibs on are the Buttermilk, Tsokolate, Thai Pandan, Salted Egg, and Dalgona Coffee! All these are available in a Box of 12 for Php 450 and in a Box of 8 for Php 320. However, you can also grab this as a Plain Bun only for Php 100 by the dozen.

And of course, with those custard buns comes a wake-upper so good which is none other than TBC Espresso. This offering of The Custard Buns also comes in different flavors such as Black (Php 70 Basic | Php 100 Latte) for when you like it strong, Salted Caramel (Php 120 Basic | Php 130 Latte), Vanilla (Php 120 Basic | Php 130 Latte), Mocha (Php 120 Basic | Php 130 Latte), Hazelnut (Php 120 Basic | Php 130 Latte), and Macadamia (Php 120 Basic | Php 130 Latte) when you want yours with a hint of sweetness, as well as Matcha Latte (Php 130) and Thai Tea Latte (Php 130) for when you are a lover of tea, too.

The Custard Buns has a lot more offerings than these yummies, so do check out both their Facebook and Instagram Pages for more! TCB Espresso has own Instagram Page as well. You can also click here for when you want to see their whole menu as well as their order form.

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