BOTEJYU now at Ayala Malls Vertis North, Itadakimasu!

Japanese food has been recognized by the world as a very sophisticated cuisine.
There are many distinctive features of Japanese cuisine such as “the quality of the ingredients”, “healthiness”, “beautiful presentation” and “hospitality”. Japanese food has become popular around the world as people appreciate these qualities. Me, being assigned in Japan for a year, have experienced these qualities and have developed, I can say, a high standard for food, specially for Japanese cuisine. Botejyu has joined the Japanese cuisine game here in the Philippines since their launch last 2016.

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With Botejyu opening it’s doors in the Philippines, I was excited that there is another food player that will bring the Japanese food game up a notch. There will be new Japanese food offers and experiences that will make me reminisce my stay in Japan, and Botejyu totally brought that to the table.

Just a little tidbit of information and history: Botejyu was born in the gourmet city of Tamade, Osaka in 1946 as an Okonomiyaki restaurant. BOTEJYU®, was coined from the rhythmic cooking sound of okonomiyaki. The first part of the name, “BOTE” comes from the flipping sound of the okonomiyaki and the second part of the name, “JYU”, represents the sizzling sound as it cooks on the teppan grill.


They launched in the Philippines last 2016 with its SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall branches, and now they are opening their branch in the North of Manila, at the Ayala Malls Vertis North.


Beyond the legendary Okonomiyaki and Okasoba dishes that have been synonymous to the Botejyu brand in Japan, other unique Botejyu signature dishes have been enticing the foodies of Metro Manila to keep coming back for more. And now, let me entice you too and parade an array of Japanese foodie goodness so as to let know what you’ll be missing if you don’t come and visit Botejyu!

Mentaiko and Potato Mochiyaki

Sumptuous combination of mochi and crispy potato flavored with Hakata spicy cod roe and gouda cheese.

IMG_0434Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll

A light and yummy shrimp tempura roll covered with delectable fish roe.


Premium Moonlight Okonomiyaki with beef, pork, shrimps. squid and fried egg

Well-balanced and highly nutritious having generous amounts of fresh cabbage and other specially-selected ingredients (meat, seafood) mixed into their original batter, mountain yam and Japanese broth. Cooked on the teppan grill by professional chefs and topped with their original tomato sauce, special sauce and white mayonnaise.


Premium Okosoba with beef, pork, shrimps and squid

Okosoba (modern-yaki) is a well-balanced, hearty dish having thick yakisoba noodles and tons of cabbage sandwiched between  their original batter pancake and fried egg. It is flavored with their salty-sweet sauce, mild white mayonnaise and Japanese mustard.


Paitan Ramen with Char-siu Pork

A delicious combination of chicken Paitan ramen and tender slices of Asian-style barbecue pork.


Soy Sauce Ramen with Char-siu Pork

A soy sauce based soup that is so light that you will want to drink it to its last drop. A hearty ramen with lots of homemade char-siu toppings.


Takoyaki All-Star

Authentic Jumbo Premium Takoyaki with 6 umami sauce toppings: Umami Sauce & Mayo, Sauce & Mayo, Tomato Sauce, Spicy Mentai Mayo, Thick Spicy Sauce and Salt Garlic Sauce.


Garlic Shrimp served with Rice

High-quality, fresh shrimp cooked in the teppan grill topped with flavorful garlic.


Teppan Hamburger Steak

Their original hamburger made from 100% beef. The garlic sauce is a perfect complement that brings out the full flavor of the hamburger.


Amiyaki Grilled Pork Rice Bowl

A Hokkaido specialty topped with grilled pork with a special soy sauce-based savory-sweet sauce. Yummy! My favorite!


Beef Sukiyaki Rice Set

A tender beef bowl of umami and specially-flavorful fat cooked in their special secret sauce.


Honey Toast with Brown Sugar Syrup & Creamy Kinako (Soybean Powder)

Crispy toast topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with brown sugar syrup and cream Kinako (soybean powder).


From the impressive menu of food from Osaka, to the different dishes of other local Japan regions like Oita and Kyoto, you will surely find a dish that you will love here at Botejyu. Come and visit their Fifth Philippine branch here at the Ayala Malls Vertis North and taste the difference at this Okonomiyaki Pioneer and Premier Specialty Restaurant Chain.

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