Brad’s Friends and Family Diner is your delightful BFF on-the-go!

Do you have a certain person you always run to both in good times and in bad times? Someone who easily gets you even with just your eyes doing the talking? Someone who can ride with your jokes, may it be funny, self-deprecating, and even senseless ones? Someone you do not feel the need to fill the silence as you know it is not something that is awkward but rather a time when you feel at peace together? If you have, then you are one of the lucky ones to have someone you can call a best friend, hopefully forever, or BFF, as the young ones call it.

But then again, do not feel sad if you actually do not have such person in your life because Brad’s Friends and Family Diner is your now BFF, especially if you are up for some different delicacies that are bursting of flavors, textures, and so much more which will make any experience of yours even more great than the average.

Starting with your trusty ole siomai which comes in a variance of tasty, meaty ones; Siomaity is your go-to food stall wherein you can get your siomai fix that would definitely throw you back to simpler times when you were still a student tight in a budget as you are trying to save up more for your school projects and whatnot.

You can try out their Japanese Siomai for you to really get a taste of their highlight dish, but if you are out here for some other quick bites, then do not fret because the Onion Rings and the Takoyaki are just a few nomnoms that would easily fill you up.

Following that is something close to the Japanese cuisine as well as it is no secret that many are so into the dishes of the vibrant and colorful cuisine of The Land of the Rising Sun. The Naruto Sushi just might be your solution to a craving that has been bugging you to get some yummy yummy yummy dishes.

From Naruto Sushi, better check out and have a fill of their Sukiyaki and Tonkatsu Set which definitely are not only appetizing to the eyes, scrumptious to the palate, but also satisfying to the tummy, and unforgettable to the mind which will make you come back for more.

Onto the palate of our own, Brad’s Friends and Family Diner has some food concepts perfect not only for Pinoys, but of couse, for Pinoy at hearts as well. The Cusina Esperanza will hands down give you a taste of your home which will make you miss even more lovely meal times with your family.

The Bicol Express and the Sinigang na Baboy will certainly make your face do all the talking as both are surely an adventure on its own which will make your adventurous palate enjoy every dig, every spoonful, and every mouthful.

This next one is perfect for breakfast lovers, especially ones who are not a morning person but absolutely a breakfast person because let’s face it, not everyone finds waking up earlier than an alarm clock tempting and even fun – and so enters, JJ’s Silog.

Right off the bat, you can tell that JJ’s Silog is serving up silogs which each and every Filipino probably is familiar with. Their Tapsilog and Pork Sisig are dishes that are more than just a tease to the palate as these ones are undeniably the main event.

Having a taste of meat will no doubt make you hungry for more and we are not here to judge you but to actually give you more options, so do not be shy nor embarrassed because Floring’s Grill has some filling dishes you can treat yourself with even more.

The Barbecue, Chicken BBQ, and Liempo with Rice of Floring’s Grill will absolutely give your palate not only a taste, but a fill of it which we all know is something worth to cheat your diet with!

Following that is a fix for your chicken cravings and that is no other than Felipe’s Chicken Fillet! Start your chicken exploration with some delightful, crispy Chicken Skin which is packed with taste and enjoyable texture.

And for heavier filling from Felipe’s Chicken Fillet, grab yourself an order of Chicken Fillet with Mushroom Gravy and Chicken Fillet with Teriyaki which both will give you a crunchy, saucy dining experience that is sure to hit the books!

Meanwhile, for some easy fave snacks and more, This Is It Pansit might just have what you are looking for and might just be the one you are actually looking for as this one has some dishes that could make you full and snacks that could make your catch up session even more fun!

Their Combo Platter which has fish fillet, calamares, chicken feet, and lumpiang togue will sure to make you satisfied, while the Dynamite, the Nacho Mucho, and the Crispy Noodles have that fun crunch punch that your palate will thank you for.

Now, for some sweet treats that would totally give your sweet tooth what it is craving for. Jeriah Desserts House got some mouth-watering, sumptuous sugar rush delicacies that would really give you more than just an energy boost, but also a push on happiness and more.

Jeriah Desserts House’s Banana Cake Platter is a soft, moist dessert that would make you dig into it more and more than you intend to. While for some coffee fans, their DIY Coffee Based Drink will really snatch your hearts and you can’t do anything about it.

With a lot of variance to check out, a lot of dishes to take in, a lot of flavors to enjoy, take a break from chewing and head onto Let’s Drink To That for some all natural and all fruits blended beverages that are not only healthy, but a joy to the heart as well, of course!

The Buko Juice, the Avocado, the Guyabano, and the Milktea are just a few of what they are offering that would hands down give your palate a wash down of lovely, fun-filled flavors that are all nutritious and just downright delicious.

Brad’s Friends and Family Diner will really get you hooked with so many flavors to try out and so many textures to enjoy in, giving you a dining experience like no other as this place will really give you that serenity and peacefulness you have been wanting to let yourself be with.

Enjoy this one-for-the-books eat out with people dear to you or if you are treating yourself out on a date, then that is fine too, but do not be shy as you might be going home earning not only a happy, fulfilled tummy, but also some new friends you have found which have made your meal time even more worthwhile!

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