Break Time Bell: Club Balai Isabel has so much to offer, so listen as we tell

We just checked out from Twin Lakes Tagaytay and even got to explore a bit of Twin Lakes Tagaytay Shopping Village; and from there, we drove to Batangas for another “staycation” that is not actually just staying inside the hotel room because Club Balai Isabel sure has a lot of activities to offer like their inflatable playground, Taal Volcano tour, a ton of water activities, and a whole lot more of recreational activities that would have you realizing that life is more than just facing a screen.

Although, we arrived later than our supposed check in time, we were still able to follow our schedule that is in our jam-packed itinerary. Unfortunately, the weather was not that cooperative, so we were not able to try their inflatable playground which they actually call Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park. Their Aqua Park is a humongous inflatable obstacle course in which you have got to conquer, walk on, climb on, do a slide, and so much more. 

And so, we were instead advised to just chill in our room and make the best of our extra time to catch on some zzz as we were definitely tired from the ride to Club Balai Isabel. After our much needed rest, we headed onto their all-day dining restaurant which is the Terraza Restaurant.

The Terraza Restaurant is of hearty, homey dishes that are proudly Pinoy as well as uniquely Batangas! We had such a delectable time with the dishes they served to us, alongside the yummy drinks they have offered that helped in shooing the stress away and just enjoy the time left for us for that day, as it was night time and the moon was already shining bright.

With the night finally setting in and us feeling ready to hit the sack, we went back to our room – which was really cozy with two comforting beds; fluffy, huggable pillows; enough-space kitchen and sink; a television set; as well as a comfort room – and finally get a full-on sleep.

The next day we were oh-so-happy and oh-so-excited as we are up and ready again for some meal time with Terraza Restaurant. This time, we what we had with them was a breakfast buffet in which we got a load of different breakfast option like some eggs, pinoy go-tos, milk and coffee, cereals, among others.

Having well-rested bodies and full tummies, we were really excited to explore more of Club Balai Isabel as they really are a humongous place filled with surprises for you to discover. To not get tired easily, we decided to drive around and just use the map they gave us in order to roam around the place wherein we saw three different gorgeous pools, checked out their Aqua Park again along some water activities like banana boat, kayak, jetski, speed boat, UFO, and fly fish.

Club Balai Isabel also has some indoor activities that sure is as fun as their water activities. You could go play billiard and darts; and if you are down for more, then go for basketball and volleyball, biking, or even balikatan obstacle courses.

With all the exploration we did, we found ourselves again inside our bedroom, just loving the comfort our beds provide until it was almost time for us to check out. However, before saying good bye to Club Balai Isabel, we had our gorge-worthy lunch with another restaurant of theirs called Isabel’s Panaderia & Pizzeria.

Isabel’s Panaderia & Pizzeria is of breads and pastries made fresh each and every day. They offer a wide variance of baked goodies, from Filipino favorites such as classic pandesal and monay, down to French breads and Italian Pizzas.

Here we adored and enjoy each bite we took on their different pizza variant. Each sure was heavenly, sporting its unique yummy characteristic that you, too, should really not miss out on!   

Indeed, our time with and at Club Balai Isabel is something we would be cherishing even until our next visit with them! We sure have a lot to explore still and we can’t wait to be back, as we can’t wait for you to take a break, too, and just experience such fun and exciting things to do here at Club Balai Isabel – may it be indoor, outdoor, land, and water!

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Address: Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

Contact Number: (043) 773 0004

Hours of Operation: Always Open

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