Breakfast in Dipping Pool: Fabrika Villas really knows how to play it up!

Fabrika Villas provided us the lovely respite that we needed, especially because we have been having tiring days lately. Sometimes the quick breaks just don’t do it for us anymore, so our overnight stay with Fabrika Villas really rejuvenated us since the place is tucked within tall trees and lush greenery. 

That said, their Villa 1 was the one that we stayed in and it was perfect for us. It featured two spacious bedrooms with huge comfort rooms, as well as a gorgeous dipping pool in the lounge area. 

When we woke up, we were informed that our breakfast will be served on a floating tray which we can enjoy on the dipping pool. Currently, they are offering three plated breakfasts that are not only yummy, but also hearty and nourishing. 

They have two breakfast plates highlighting Filipino flavors and then one plate that is more of a Westen flare. For their Filipino plates, we got to call dibs on their Daing na Bangus as well as Tocino which both have two freshly cooked eggs and garlic fried rice. 

For the other breakfast plate, which is more of a Western choice, mainly comes with four pieces of bacon and a generous serving of bacon strips. This also has two eggs and a side of beans, plus some toasts. 

Fabrika Villas indeed wowed us with the breakfast they had prepared for us, especially because we had it in their dipping pool. We also got to enjoy our savory breakfast plates with fresh sliced mangoes, together with our choice of drinks which are coffee and iced tea. 

Truly, we felt recharged and light after staying with Fabrika Villas. We even got to try more of their delicious offerings since we also had lunch at their Fabrika Dining. Know more about Fabrika Villas and what they have in store for you by checking out their Facebook and Instagram.

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