Brewing News: 7-Eleven now offers City Blends Coffee Beans & Grounds

Anytime is coffee time!

If you are one to have coffee running through your veins as you go about your day with little to no sleep, then you are probably familiar with the waking powers of City Blends Coffee by at 7-Eleven. Not only does it give the right amount of kick and punch to help you go about your day, but also it surely does not burn a hole in your pocket as a cup could go for as low as Php 25!

However, as you are not out and about the most days as you are probably working from home now, know that 7-Eleven now offers City Blends Whole Coffee Beans (P255/500 grams) and Coffee Grounds (P185/250 grams) so you can brew your own cup at home whenever you feel like having it!

The City Blends coffee beans and grounds are of 100% Arabica beans and are up for grabs at selected stores in Luzon. If you are feeling a little extra, amp up your coffee experience by having them frozen into cubes and thengo pour milk on it like you are having a Kori Coffee!

Also, you can make a delectable serving of Coffee Jelly by tossing it into unflavored and cubed coffee jelly alongside sweetened cream – this one is great for when you have a huge sweet tooth to fill, but also you want just the right of caffeine in your system.

You can check 7-Eleven’s Store Locator to see if there’s any 7-Eleven branches near you. Just do note that currently, only select stores in Luzon have City Blends Beans and Grounds.

Here is how you can Brew your City Blends Beans and Grounds:

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*Featured Photo by 7-Eleven Philippines

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