Bringing the joy of unlimited Japanese BBQ and Yakiniku to our friends with Happy Niku

We recently featured a fairly new Japanese restaurant in Kapitolyo and we just could not wait but to share the yumminess that it is oozing with with our blogger friends that are foodies as well.

Happy Niku offers unlimited Japanese BBQ and so much more that we absolutely enjoyed and so we gathered some pals from the blogging community and held a Bloggers’ Lunch at Happy Niku.

Hosting a Bloggers’ Event is one of the many things we do to keep our friendship in tact. Not only do we get to catch up with our long time friends, but we also get to meet new ones as well, plus same goes with our friends who actaully also got to meet the first timers.

Happy Niku is such a wonderful place to have lunch at, especially with foodies like us. We can not deny how tasty their offerings are. Dominique Ong, the owner who we got the chance to meet and talk to the first time we went here, was also present at our Bloggers’ Lunch wherein we introduced him to our friends and wherein he got to talk about his lovely restaurant and how happy he is that everyone was having a terrific time so far.

With everyone buzzing about what is going on in their lives, Happy Niku first started putting some side dishes such as Yasai Salad, Cucumber Sunomono, Potato Salad, and Sweet Potato on each of our table.

Other than that, we also dug into their tasty Chahan (Php 45), Seaweed Soup (Php 45), and Steamed Egg (Php 90) which is indeed not only a sight pleaser, but a taste pleaser as well.

Busy with catching up while munching on delectable treats of Happy Niku, the staff started serving their yummy Yakitoris that surely has gotten our hearts alongside the hearts of our blogger friends. The Chicken Liver (Php 40), Chicken Skin (Php 40), Chicken Thigh (Php 45), and Quail Egg (Php 45) are saucy savories on a stick that are just easy to love. Besides those, Happy Niku also served a bit of their Tempura and Maki such as their Ebi Tempura Maki (Php 180).

Wait up, though, as filling as those were, we didn’t let our tummies get all full because we know we are just starting out as the real highlight here at Happy Niku are no other than their Yakinikus. If you are a meat fan, then you truly are going to have a feast as you will be able to delight in every tender and tasty bite with their Unli All (Php 588 | summer promo Php 545) option. Loaded with four variants of Pork Yakiniku, four variants of Beef Yakiniku, four variants of Yakitori, and four variants of Tempura and Maki, alongside side dishes that are of flavorful veggie delicacies, everyone was truly happy with Happy Niku.

That being said, Happy Niku has once again proven its delectableness to us by making our hungry tummies as well as the tummies of our friends all happy and giddy during this Bloggers’ Lunch, so on your next Kapitolyo food trip, do not miss out on this unlimited Japanese treat!

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Address: 1 Brixton St, Pasig, Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 11AM to 11PM

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