Brothers Burger is now #MoreThanJustBurgers

Who would have thought that a classic comfort food like the burger can be raised to gourmet level? Well, Brothers Burger, that’s who! Brothers Burger surely have soared to new heights as they have revamped their look some time around 2018.

Known for serving classic gourmet burgers and sandwiches, and a bunch of other drool-worthy treats and goodies, to continuously expanding and giving back to the Filipino community, Brothers Burger no doubt caters to #MoreThanJustBurgers!

But of course, as they are famous for their delicious burgers, who are we to say no to gobbling one or maybe more, right? Starting with their signature burger, the Brothers Burger (Php 215) has a patty topped with fresh green lettuce and tomatoes all dressed with their homemade mayo and catsup, and can even be made more tasty with some Sliced Cheese (Php 20).

As we found ourselves loving all the first burger up, we decided to double the lovin’ with their Double Brothers Burger (Php 290) that has not one, but two of their signature flame-grilled Brothers Burger patty. This is also topped with fresh green lettuce and tomatoes, and dressed with their homemade mayo and catsup. Adding Sliced Cheese (Php 20) to this burger is also a delectable option to go for.

Another burger to not miss out on is their Blues Brothers Burger (Php 245). This delish also is of their signature Brothers Burger patty topped with sautéed mushroom, crispy bacon strips, healthy lettuce, and tomatoes all dressed up with their special dijonnaise and blue cheese, of course!

And of course, as Brothers Burger is now #MoreThanJustBurgers, better try their other yummies too such as their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich as well as Snapdog. Their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (Php 220) has two of their crispy, zesty, and spicy chicken fillets topped with lettuce, tomatoes, blue cheese all dressed with their very own buffalo sauce and mayo; while their Snapdog (Php 140) is their signature hotdog sandwiched between their buttery hotdog buns.

Brothers Burgers is not all about meaty goodness in buns, though, because they also have Fries (Php 99 to Php 175), Onion Rings (Php 80 to Php 99), and Chicken Wings (Php 235)! These three delectable treats come in different tasty flavors and we are telling you that you will indeed have a great time with each and every one of them!

Know more about Brothers Burger and their products by visiting their Social Media Pages — Facebook and Instagram. You can also check out their Website for more information.

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