Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen is now in Greenhills!

Pinoy lugaw or rice porridge is every Filipino’s favorite. Even my mom loves to cook one whenever we request her to. Just one simple hot bowl of lugaw topped with garlic bits is very satisfying. Especially now that “ber” months are already here, lugaw is one of the top cravings of every Pinoy in town.


It’s already been almost a year since we last reviewed Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen (BLK) and yet, the taste of their specialties never faded. In fact, they became more interesting as BLK added new items on their menu, especially made with authentic Bulacan recipe.



Our recent BLK experience is quite a challenge to write as we got to try almost all the items in their menu. And all of their dishes, old and new, are really good we honestly can’t choose our top favorites! They can boast not only of yummy dishes, but of affordable prices too.

Start your morning with the perfect breakfast.


Lugaw isn’t their only perfect meal for breakfast. They also serve garlic rice meals with fried egg, and atchara available between 6am-11am. And I have to mention, their atchara is the best atchara we’ve ever had! We’ve tried three of their breakfast meals


I like it when embutidos are home-made. And honestly, I thought my sister’s embutido is the best. Until I had BLK’s Pork Embutido (138php*).


Calumpit Longganisa (138php*). It’s every garlicky longganisa lover’s dream.


BLK’s Tagalog Tocino (128php*) is sweet, pure tender pork meat, different from the usual Spanish Tocino which is typically made with pork belly.


Beef Tapa (138php*). You can never go wrong with Tapa especially if it’s this tender and flavorful.

Ligaya Meals available at any time of the day!

Available for ala carte or combo, which is served with sweet, iced gulaman and plain rice, BLK’s All-day Ligaya Meals are absolute delight for everyone. They offer the most-loved Pinoy comfort foods for very affordable price and yummiest with legit Bulakenyo cuisine.


Among all the Ligaya meals, Bopis (118/148php*) stood out for me. My usual comment on this dish was it is strong and bitter since all of the ingredients are basically pork innards. BLK’s Bopis is just right and perfect for even with plain rice. Quick tip: request for additional siling labuyo if available and you’ll definitely have the best bopis in your life!


Kalderetang Baka (128/158php*) BLK’s Kalderetang Baka is literally on point with its creamy and rich taste.


The usual review of their Bistek (128/158php*) is “superb” and I couldn’t agree more.


Paksiw na Pata (128/158php*) Cooked just the way we like it. Their Paksiw na Pata could easily make you reach for more rice.


Menudo (118/148php*) If you like the type of menudo that you normally find on fiestas, then you will instantly fall in love with BLK’s Menudo.


Chicken and Pork Adobo (118/148php*). Adobo is my most favorite Pinoy dish, that I am very picky when it comes to it. And every household and every Pinoy resto has their own recipe for adobo. In all fairness, BLK’s version of adobo mastered the balance of all flavors in one – from the soy sauce, vinegar, up to the garlic flavor – even the meat is so tender, that makes us feel like we’re home.

Level up your meryenda with BLK’s Minandal Light Meals and Sulit Bowls!


You definitely have to try the Dinuguan puto combo (118php*); you can also order additional puto (3pcs) for only 20php!


Plain Sisig (118php*); you can also order sisig rice combo for 138php* only

They also offer rice bowls for only 99php* and I say they’re too good for the price! We’ve got to try Binagoongan, Sisig, and Adobo.

Stars of the night: Bulacan Specials


Crispy Pata is just another sinful ways Filipinos love their pork. And it is safe to say it’s usual among Filipino restaurants and of course they’re all good. What makes BLK’s Bulacan Special Crispy Pata (680php*) real special is that it doesn’t smell bad, it’s not drowned with too much oil when served and it’s affordable! To top it off, its crispiness and crunchiness can lasts a long time.


If you’re a little adventurous and would like to try something more interesting and yummier than crispy pata, then you should definitely try Bulacan Special Crispy Ulo. I’m pretty sure it’s not commonly served in your usual Pinoy resto, but you can have half at BLK for only 780php*.

BLK Specialties

BLK’s food is an original of Edison’s LTB (Lugaw Tokwa Baboy) from San Rafael, Bulacan. It is a well-known carenderia-style Lugawan that was established for over 20 years already. With the efforts of a young entrepreneur, who ventured into food from real estate, Edison’s LTB was rebranded to Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen to serve wonders to the people of the modern age.

BLK is known with their authentic recipe of LTB (Lugaw with Tokwa’t Baboy) all the way from it’s original home at San Rafael, Bulacan. Usually, tokwa’t baboy is sold and served separately from the lugaw, but BLK levelled it up as one of the available toppings, which made your simple lugaw bowl more flavorful and delicious.




BLK serves Plain lugaw (68php*), Lugaw with tokwa (88php*), Lugaw with baboy (98php*), Lugaw with tokwa’t baboy (108php*).



We obviously had a long list of food to try that made our tummies very happy and full! But our BLK night didn’t end there. We had some special lumpiang togue and turon with langka as well. BLK also partners with Sebastian’s Ice Cream and we loved most their Chocnut, Pastilas de Leche, and a BLK-exclusive Paradusdos (Bulacan’s ginataang bilo-bilo).




If you are looking for a place around Greenhills that offers great Filipino food that will satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank, give Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen a try and you will surely go back for more!

View their full menu on Zomato (Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen), and follow them on IG (@bulacanlugawkitchen) and Facebook (Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen) for more details and updates!

The featured branch  of this article is their main branch with the address below.

Address:  Ground Floor, Connecticut Carpark Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City.

Store Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 6AM to 1AM

Contact Number: 6329871718


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