Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen: Leveled Up Carenderia Feels

Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen has been one of our go-tos ever since we got to dine with them a few years back. Offering a fast-paced, casual eatery experience amidst the bustling city dwellers, we just can’t help ourselves, but to dig into their delicious line of Bulacan regional food, while chattering with our loved ones.

There’s just something so homey about their colourful interiors and bright ambiance that we just love going back to and we are quite certain that if you have dine with them, too, you pretty much enjoyed your time with them as well, right? The only answer to that is just right!

Anyway, as we have dined with them quite a few times already, we wanted to share with you guys some delectables from their wide yummy menu.



If you are wondering what got us hooked with them, then search no further, because first on our chika about them is exactly that! Their Valenciana is tasty and hefty, great for when you got that big mood for food. You could play up your chances with them and try out their Spicy Valenciana for an extra kick. Pair that up with their bestselling Samalamig and you are solved!

All Day Rice Meals

When your food mood is not just big, but huge, then don’t hesitate nor get shy and just stuff your face with their rice meals! We, Pinoys, live by the saying “Rice is life!”, so whoever judges you for your food choice is really just isn’t worthy. Their Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Ginisang Munggo, as well as their Bistek Tagalog are just a few of what you could go nomnomnom on.

All-Day Breakfast Meals

Speaking of all day offerings, Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen got not-so-morning people covered with their All-Day Breakfast Meals. No need to set uour alarm clock and be grumpy, because you sure would be filling yourself up with their Adobong Baboy, Beef Tapa, Daing na Bangus, Tocino ng Bulacan, alongside Calumpit Longganisa which you can have either in Garlic & Pepper or Sweet.

99 Sulit Bowls

A lil tight on the budget, huh?We hear ya and we gotchu! Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen won’t let you go hungry, donchu worry. With their Adobo Rice Bowl, Binagoongan Rice Bowl, Lechon Kawali Rice Bowl, and Sisig Rice Bowl, you got yourself a treat as if it’s a payday!

Bonus Yummies

Spicy Lugaw

As Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen is of a casual eatery experience, of course, you gotta try their Carenderia Hits 1 and Carenderia Hits 2. These ones are loaded and you probably will end up happily bloated. Don’t miss out on their Spicy Lugaw and Paksiw na Pata, too! Eat those all up with a cup of love, because even their Coffee is such a bundle of warmth.

There you have it! That’s Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen for the ones who haven’t tried them… and yes, for the ones who have tried them, too. We absolutely love the easy-breezy vibes that Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen has; that’s why going back to eat with them is just something we are glad to do again and again.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bulacanlugawkitchen/

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Featured Branch: Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen – Greenhills

Address:  Ground Floor, Connecticut Carpark Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City.

Store Hours: Mondays to Sundays 6AM to 1AM

Contact Number: 6329871718

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