Business x Pleasure? bai Hotel Cebu recommends you mix both by staying with them

Traveling to Cebu for business or for pleasure? Well, regardless of your purpose, we got the perfect place for you. People say to never mix business with pleasure, but with bai Hotel Cebu, you won’t be able to help yourself but to exactly mix those two. Worry not because you sure will still be able to do your work as this hotel is really made for people off to an adventure, while also having tasks.

From the outside, bai Hotel Cebu looks like a mall, a really tall mall for that matter, especially they got more than five dining concepts that guests could of course go to and dine at. Not only guests could eat, though, because walk-ins are warmly welcomed and much loved too. As our business really is mixed with pleasure, bai Hotel Cebu really is the perfect place for us to relax without actually running away from our responsibilities.

Checking in the late of dusk, you bet we went to try out one of their dining concepts right away, and that is none other Ume Japanese Cuisine. Ume Japanese Cusine is obviously a Japanese restaurant, and this really struck us with a wow. Serving authentic Japanese dishes, Ume Japanese Cuisine had our tummies filled in no time as their servings really are generous.

From Ume Japanese Cuisine, we opted to go check out what the buzz was all about when it comes to their rooftop. Well, just right in time for some fun, later that evening, we found ourselves in the middle of a loud and exciting crowd; Twilight Roofdeck Lounge + Bar is a sanctuary for people who are up for a long night of dancing, partying, and of course drinking.

Drowning our twirl of thoughts in loud music, we soon decided to hit our own sacks and that was the time we really got to see and appreciate our rooms. Our rooms were just the perfect balance between chic and serious. It’s got everything we possibly needed and maybe even more – a wide, fluffy bed a television set, an office nook, a kitchen corner, and of course, a well-lit comfort room. What more could you possibly want, right?

Up and about for new, task-filled day, of course, we first dove into an absolutely wide spread of brekky options with Café Bai. This breakfast buffet sure was a feast as it was of different cuisines that are of Japanese, Korean, Filipinos, among others. Plus, Café Bai itself was spacious so guests really have space and could actually breathe and enjoy their breakfast which we got to experience too.

Fueled up and all that, we roamed around this lovely business hotel as they sure got facilities that is worthy of an exploration. Exploring, we found out they have a gym, a gorgeous pool, a place for the kids, an executive lounge, and more. We even got to check out their Presidential Suite which believe us when we say it certainly was sleep and downright awesome!

Tired and amazed with all the adventure inside bai Hotel Cebu, we walked our way to Marble + Grain Steakhouse wherein we got to indulge in luscious meat choices. This steakhouse is undeniably at par with the ones here in Manila and everyone in Cebu alongside travelers from all over the nation and the globe should not miss out on dining with them when given the chance. That is how much we love this place!

True to its claim, bai Hotel Cebu is of lush accommodation and gastronomic celebration in a prominent location, making it really great for travelers as their time absolutely is valuable to them, so no need to worry about the traffic, get it?

Anyway, if you are looking of a venue that can house your conference, meeting, or any kind of event, don’t dare forget about this chic, modern business hotel standing proud and gorgeous in the middle of busy streets, bai Hotel Cebu!

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Address: St. City South Special Economic Administrative Zone, Ouano Ave, corner C.D.Seno, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu

Contact Number: 0917 141 5888

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