BYOB by NutriAsia: Taking a small environmental step towards a bigger vision

We have done this before, and we are doing it again! Filipino homes, particularly their kitchen, are undeniably a home to NutriAsia products as well. Datu Puti, UFC, Golden Fiesta, and even Locally are just some of well-loved Pinoy brands in stepping up each and every meal time for years. And you know what? As a brand that is committed to making Masarap Masaya Moments, NutriAsia does not only aim to bring joy to Filipino homes, but to actually assume responsibility on a much larger scale, too. By that, they mean timely efforts that will be beneficial to the environment especially during critical times like now.

NutriAsia have stepped and taken part in the movement towards a zero-waste community since, 2014, through projects such as Jumbohalang Tamabalan as well as participation in DENR-EMB’s Refill Revolution. And so, this year, NutriAsia has finally leveled up their vision of providing a more environmentally sustainable world through a project called Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB), which users are actually encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles and refill their all-time fave condiments and products like Datu Puti Vinegar, Datu Puti Soy Sauce, UFC Banana Catsup, and Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil.

Of course, as food fanatics, we are aware of our consuming activities, so we really try to cut back in our plastic usage and through BYOB, we don’t only execute being responsible of what we consume, but also raise awareness on responsible plastic usage as well as help build a zero-waste community that may be seen as a small step towards sustainability. Speaking about plastic usage, BYOB’s store itself, is in fact made from eco-bricks that use plastic discards as a component, and which has come from the Arca South Eco Hub, a project of Arca South, Green Antz, and Ayala Land Inc. Also, the store serves as a drop-off point for plastic materials for repurposing.

With that, through the support of the Fort Bonifacio Development corporation alongside The Mind Museum, anyone interested to be a part of this movement can visit and experience the first BYOB refilling station located in Bonifacio Global City. Consumers just have to bring their own clean and dry reusable bottles and refill those with their chosen products at discounted prices – just like we did. Here, we got to refill our bottles with Golden Fiesta cooking Oil, because we sure love cooking our meals which we will be sharing to you guys real soon!

Launched just last July 30, which we also got to be a part of, and set to run until December 31 this year, BYOB will be open Mondays through Sundays, 12 NN to 8pm, at The Mind Museum in BGC. For more info, please visit

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