Cafe Ysabel Has Just Returned And It’s Almost Like They Never Closed

With their announcement that they were closing their doors last April 2017, many patrons and regulars just couldn’t bear the thought that their beloved cafe’ has come to an end. After all, Cafe Ysabel has been the place for romantic dates, engagement proposals and other well celebrated occasions.

Photo: Chef Gino Gonzales

But last April 29th, Cafe Ysabel reopened at M. Paterno St., just a few meters away from where it was originally located. Still, with the ancestral home feel and classy vibe that we all have fallen in love with, this cafe’ feels like it never close.

Armed with its natural charm but better and fresher look, this cafe’ is something you definitely shouldn’t miss.  We wonder if they will still stick to their old Filipino, Italian, European menu or have they completely change it?

Well, we better find out.

With many people missing the cafe’ so much, we will not be surprise if a lot of people will come rushing to Cafe’ Ysabel, soon enough.

Before heading out to visit them, reminisce the old Cafe Ysabel with these photos:


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Address: 175 M. Paterno, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 726 9326




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