CAKE BOSS BAKEWARE: The Ultimate Boss of Bakers

Baking goodies is a sure way to make someone happy.
Just think of cookies, cupcakes, and other forms of pastry.
These are more than enough to cheer someone’s mood.
And probably end any petty feud.
If cooking and baking are your passions.
Check out Cake Boss and all their attractions.
Amazing baking wares is what they offer.
So that your baking career will surely prosper.

IMG_1662Last Saturday, we were  invited to a cooking demo by none other than Chef Dorothy Ferreria, a food writer, cookbook author, and owner of Dorothy’s Cooking School. The said cooking event was hosted by actor and host, Stephen Silva.

Chef Dorothy Ferreria
(L-R) Stephen Silva & Chef Dorothy Ferreria


The event was held at True Home, Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City. Baking enthusiasts, composed of children and adults graced the event.



Chef Dorothy whipped up three different all time favorite baked goodies that everyone found difficult to resist. These baked goodies were: Just Chocochips in my Cookies, Seal with a Kiss Cupcake, and Icing for Sealed with a Kiss Cupcake.

Apart from Chef Dorothy’s years of experience in the culinary world, the success of the baking demo and its mouthwatering products was made possible through Cake Boss’ durable, convenient and posh bakeware products.

Cake Boss Bakewares

Chef Dorothy invited several people from the audience to help her in the cooking demo. These people were able to try Cake Boss products and they all had good things to say.



Check out some of the bakeware products Cake Boss has to offer, which will definitely give you an easier and equally enjoyable time in the kitchen.

Cake Boss Mixing Bowl

Let’s face it.  Baking, while really fun to do can get quite messy. Spills here and there are always deemed inevitable because the mixing bowls that we use can topple over at any given time.

Cake Boss Mixing Bowl

For your convenience, Cake Boss’ Mixing Bowl is built with a rubber bottom. You can be assured that while preparing and mixing your ingredients, the bowl will not move around and instead, just stay in place. The bowl is very stable and lightweight. Plus, it comes with a spout so you can just pour whatever you’re mixing as easy as ABC. It comes in different colors, which matches your other Cake Boss bakeware products.

Google Image- Cake Boss Mixing Bowls

Cake Boss Spatula

Now, you might be wondering, “How else can you make a spatula more convenient for bakers and aspiring bakers alike?” Cake Boss just had the most impressive idea!

Their spatula is rounded on one side and square on the other, which makes scraping more efficient.

Cake Boss Spatula

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