Cap things off at LeBlanc Hotel & Resort’s The Bistro Pop Up Cafe

Le Blanc Hotel & Resort’s The Bistro Pop Up Cafe certainly has their breakfast crowd more than just satisfied. With their selection of freshly baked breads and pastries on top of revitalizing coffees and coolers, it really is not a surprise for them to sweep off early risers of their feet. Although, you must know that The Bistro Pop Up Cafe is not only great in the morning, because they are also wonderful during lunch and dinner.

Don’t believe us? Well, let us put all this to rest, shall we? Aside from their breads and pastries, The Bistro Pop Up Cafe also has a wide selection of savories ranging from salads, soups, pastas, and of course, mains! Plus, their beverage selection also does not only circle on coffee and juices, because they also have coolers and cocktails to cap off your day with.

Le Blanc Salad
Mixed Greens

Want more proof? Of course, we got that covered too! We came prepared, you know. From their salads, we were able to grab their Le Blanc Salad (Php 269) which is a refreshing bowl of crispy romaine lettuce, tossed in balsamic dressing with pears, nuts, and cheese; as well as their Mixed Greens (Php 269) which is a delectable serving of mixed greens tossed in light lemon vinaigrette with strawberry and blue cheese. These two light dishes pack heavy on flavor and satisfaction!

Fish & Chips

After having two salads, we eased our way into the mains The Bistro Pop Up Cafe prepared for us. We started with their Fish & Chips (Php 489) which is a tasty plate of beer battered tilapia fillet and skin on fries with mango curry dip – such a munch-worthy treat, for sure!

Brown Butter Salmon

As we wanted to get more fish action, we next snatched their Brown Butter Salmon (Php 750). This gave us that delicious blend of garlic and butter flavor as this is a sumptuous plate of 250g salmon fillet cooked in sweetened garlic brown butter, served with salad and choice of rice pilaf or mashed potatoes.

Roast Beef with Pink Peppercorn Sauce
Bacon Slab
Bacon Slab
Bacon Slab

Of course, we did not only get one protein for our table because to be frank we got two more! We got their Roast Beef with Pink Peppercorn Sauce (Php 529) which gave us that sharp yummy taste as this is a plate of 200g roast beef belly in pink peppercorn sauce served with mashed potato, sauteed French beans, and shitake mushroom; as well as their Bacon Slab (Php 529) which had us rolling our eyes because of how heavenly it was since this is a serving of 220g home cured, hickory smoked pork belly, served with garlic rice, sauteed french beans, shitake mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and egg.

Told you The Bistro Pop Up Cafe is big on dinner too! Indeed, we have proven that to you with this dinner spread they have prepared for us.

Know more about The Bistro Pop Up Cafe by visiting their Facebook and Instagram. Also, why not extend your time with them and just book a staycation at Le Blanc Hotel & Resort? You can do this through their Facebook, Instagram, and Website too.

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