Carneceria’s ready to make your morning worthwhile with their Premium Angus Beef Tapa!

Not everyone is a fan of morning, but you definitely would be when what’s on the table is an appetizing plate of a heavy breakfast. Truly, the scent of good old-fashioned Beef Tapa would have you fluttering your eyes open, lure you into getting up from the bed, have you walk to the dining room, and have you take your seat on the breakfast table. Don’t even deny it.

Beef Tapa is a classic Filipino dish that is usually served for breakfast alongside fried rice, eggs, and tomatoes for that burst of freshness—much like a good morning greeting from Mister Sun. If we got you hooked with the mention of Beef Tapa, then we surely will have you wrapped around our fingers when we say Carneceria’s Beef Tapa is not just like any other Beef Tapa as theirs is Premium Angus Beef Tapa.

Carnerceria’s Angus Beef Tapa a ready-to-cook dish that you could easily prepare in the kitchen and wow your friends and family with as altogether, you bond over each tender piece and every delicious slice. Indeed, this would give all of you a wonderful start to your day, setting your mood for what is ahead.

Currently, Carneceria’s Premium Beef Tapa comes in four irresistible flavors, so certainly, there is enough Beef Tapa for everyone! Yippee!

They have Classic for when you want to enjoy that Beef Tapa you have grown up to, but better. They have the Chili Garlic flavor for when you want a bit of kick to wake you up even more and prepare you for the punches that you might be rolling with for the day.

A Sweet-flavored Beef Tapa is also within your reach for when you want something to tickle you out of your sleepiness and make your day even brighter than it already is. Last, but definitely not the least is the Sweet & Spicy flavor which is just the right balance of two different but also similar things and feel — heat and warmth.

No doubt, Carneceria has all your Beef Tapa needs covered. Just remember to keep it frozen if you aren’t going to eat it yet, thaw it before cooking, cook it at medium heat, and you don’t even need oil for you to cook it. So easy and convenient, right?

To know more about Carneceria and their Premium Beef Tapa selection, visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages for more details. To order, you can check out this Order Form and see what’s available.

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