Carnival Food Park: Where All Great Food and Memories Started

Carnival Food Park has paved the way for the Food Park business in Marikina. They are one of the original food parks that foodies has flocked to and still currently flocking to. But what makes Carnival Food Park really stood among the tons of food park in Marikina? What would make you come back to Carnival?

Let’s find out!

It wouldn’t be a food park if it doesn’t offer different food right? So let’s focus on that and that alone to find out why Carnival is still worth traveling for.

6 – pieces Classic Buffalo
  1. Chix PH –  The chicken wings lovers will surely feel like in heaven as this stall offers various flavorful wings. Crunchy and delectable which makes you crave for more.
Supreme Pizza

2.  City Slice –  Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s like everybody’s favorite. But what we really love with City Slice is the fact that they don’t scrimp on ingredients.  Thus, making their pizza simply more than tempting.

Super Burger

3. Hungry Heroes – If you’re the kind of person that can’t be satisfied with the ordinary fast food’s regular size burger then Hungry Heroes is the stall for you. They offer this humongous burger for everyone to feast on. But it’s more than the size, it’s also juicy and mouth-watering too.

Beef Tapa

4. Sizzling Daddy – Don’t you just love how it sizzles? One rice will surely not be enough with this juicy and delicious Beef Tapa. Tender and very juicy meat served with egg on top. Don’t you just want to drool now?

Pita Wagyu

5. Tebaj Shawarma Express – If you’re craving for a Mediterranean dish, but couldn’t find a decent restaurant or kiosk nearby. Then, Carnival Food Park got you covered with their Pita Wagyu. Flavorful Wagyu wrapped in soft pita served with veggies and different sauces and salsa, it’s literally a complete meal in one hand that you will delectably enjoy.

Baby Back Ribs

6. Karneval –  Don’t you just want to sink your teeth onto this tender and flavorful ribs of the Karneval stall? We assure you, you will definitely want to.

Bagnet with rice and salted egg
Cheesy Bacon Balls

7. Piggin Out – You won’t be able to stop munching on Piggin out’s Cheesy Bacon Balls as it is incredibly delicious with or without dipping into the mayo sauce.  Two of our favorite food – bagnet and salted egg combined together to produce such an irresistible dish.

Director’s Cut (Beef Enchillada)

8. Senorita – Unknown to the many of us, Mexican dishes have a lot more to offer than Nachos and Quesadillas. Say hello to the Beef Enchillada of Senorita which we’re sure will be your next favorite.

Frosted Churros

9. The Amazing Churros and Fantastic Dips – I know it’s the middle of everything good and we’ve always been accustomed to the dessert being served at the very end. But in our case, we were so eager to try it and honestly we didn’t get disappointed. Go for their Frosted Churros, it just doesn’t look good, but tastes yummy too.

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