Catch Bataan’s Famous Tinapa and More from Bataan Specialties

Breakfast is indeed a big thing to us. This is when, where, and how our day starts anyway, so we want our day to begin with a heavy delicious plate that would make us full, satisfied, and feel homey in every mouthful.

With that, we tried to look for something that would really have us going into it with our bare hands and that is none other than fish – smoked fish to be exact. Smoked Fish, here in the Philippines, is called Tinapa and it truly is a dish that makes us feel more than just at home, because this dish is something that makes us reminisce of when we were still kids and our parents would be the ones to prepare our meals for us.

As that is the case and we are truly missing simpler days, it was a great thing for us to have found Bataan Specialties, because as far as their name could tell you, they truly offer specialties from Bataan like their famous Tinapa, Gabi Ice Cream, and many more. What we got from them, though, are just their Tinapa and it hit us right where want it to hit us – our bellies and our hearts.

Their Tinapa is available in different fish types, so we sure loved every bit of it. They have Boneless Bangus (Php 250 per piece), Galunggong (Php 230 per 500 grams), Salinas (Php 200 per 500 grams), Tilapia (Php 175 per 500 grams), Tamban (Php 150 per 500 grams), Kapak/Banak (Php 150 per 500 grams), and Kabasi (Php 150 per 500 grams). Obviously, their Tinapa Selection is a lot, so if you are thinking of getting some for yourself, too, then you know you have a lot of choices to  choose from and you will indeed find something that would absolutely float your boat.

As mentioned, Bataan Specialties has products other than Tinapa, so better check them out for you to see. They are currently available on Facebook and Instagram and you can also drop them a message for when you have any questions or concerns.

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