Catch these Baemazing Korean Fried Chicken Choices from Chic ‘N Bae

Not gonna lie, we enjoy watching K-Dramas too. We cry during the sad parts, we get annoyed with the villain, we get kilig over the adorable takes, and yes, we also get hungry when the characters eat their hearts out in some scenes. There is no denying that the Korean food culture is just overall wow and yummy and that’s just speaking from outside looking in.

Korean food has surely made its way to our hearts as much as the Korean actors and actresses as well as the idols have swept us off of our feet. Their food does not just look appetizing and mouthwatering, but also their food is comforting and satisfying, especially when what we are talking about is their famous fried chicken which is also known as Korean Fried Chicken.

Korean Fried Chicken is popular because of its saucy, cripsy outside and tasty, tender inside. Truly, this one is a wonderful choice of food to dig into while the plot of Korean drama continues to unravel and thicken.

With that, we have found Chic ‘N Bae which is a homebased Korean chicken shop in Metro Manila that dared to bring a taste of South Korea all the while satisfying Filipino palates.

Chic ‘N Bae actually started with four irresistible flavors and those are Original Chic (Half • 5 to 6 pieces Php 200 |  Whole • 10 to 12 pieces Php 380), Honey Bae (Half • 5 to 6 pieces Php 240 |  Whole • 10 to 12 pieces Php 420), SpyChi (Half • 5 to 6 pieces Php 240 |  Whole • 10 to 12 pieces Php 420), and Lemonae (Half • 5 to 6 pieces Php 240 |  Whole • 10 to 12 pieces Php 420). These four flavors surely garnered a crowd of Chic ‘N Bae fans as they all have fallen in love with each and every addicting flavor.

However, with 2021 being a new year that is hopefully filled with more opportunities, eating more Korean Fried Chicken being one of those opportunities, Chic ‘N Bae have decided to revamp their menu which happened to have grown into six lipsmacking good flavors as they added two more that would surely scratch other people’s itch for Korean Fried Chicken as well.

Wondering what those flavors are? Well, wait no further, because we are going to tell you: Cheese lovers, rejoice, because Chic ‘N Bae came up with two cheesy flavors for you! Now you would be able to munch on their Garlic Parmesan (Half • 5 to 6 pieces Php 240 |  Whole • 10 to 12 pieces Php 420) as well as their Cheesy Baebq (Half • 5 to 6 pieces Php 250 |  Whole • 10 to 12 pieces Php 450) Korean Fried Chicken flavors! Yay!

Clearly, Chic ‘N Bae has brought more than just their A-game in regards to providing tasty Korean Fried Chicken as they have also given their customers the option to have a Korean Fried Chicken Party. They have what they call a Party Box in which customers can have 30 pieces of Korean Fried Chicken, with their choice of 4 flavors for only Php 1099.

Catch more of Chic ‘N Bae and their baemazing Korean Fried Chicken line by checking out their Facebook and Instagram. Also, don’t hesitate to drop them a message if you have any questions or you are ready to order.

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