Catch these Special Crispy Bangus only from Bang Bang Bangus

No need to worry about the fish bones pricking you and ruining your enjoyable meal time when what you have on your table is Bang Bang Bangus, because what they are all about is providing special crispy bangus. Bang Bang Bangus puts the spotlight on their abundant selection of crispy boneless bangus that are all tasty, healthy, and of course, hearty!

Truly, Bang Bang Bangus’ Special Crispy Bangus can satisfy anyone’s cravings, because their Big Boneless Bangus don’t just come in one, not even two, but rather five delicious flavors ready to be snatched. Plus, every order of Big Boneless Bangus is good for two to four already, so having the word big in it really makes sense.

Regarding the variants, their Original, Cheese, and Inasal ones are more of a classic and straightforward choice. The Original (Php 270) is made with their signature breading and glaze topped with toasted garlic and cilantro; the Cheese (Php 280) is also made with their signature breading, but is topped with melted cheese and toasted garlic; and the Inasal (Php 280) is made with their signature inasal sauce topped with toasted garlic and comes with a separate inasal oil.

Meanwhile, their two other variants — the Salted Egg and Spicy Pares — are more extra and are like an adventure to the palate. The Salted Egg (Php 280) is made with signature breading topped with special salted egg sauce and spring onions; and the Spicy Pares (Php 280) is also made with their signature sauce, but is topped with a special pares sauce, chili garlic, toasted garlic, and spring onions.

Other than these Bangus goodness, Bang Bang Bangus also has vegetables which could all be great as sides, making meal time even healthier, more filling, and more delicious. Know more about Bang Bang Bangus and their products by checking them out on Facebook and Instagram. To order, just send them a message or catch them on GrabFood or foodpanda.

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