Pork Igado Recipe

Said to be a dish that is an acquired taste, Pork Igado is another Filipino dish, hailed from Northern Luzon, that has us staying seated on the table, enjoying round after round after round. People have dubbed it as an acquired taste as its defining ingredient is pig liver alongside kidney, heart, innards, and tenderloin; but liver is really the one that is mostly used. … Continue reading Pork Igado Recipe

Nilagang Corned Beef Recipe

As we have mentioned before, Corned Beef is one of our go-to canned goods. Other than that, as much as it is a great viand to have, it is also a versatile dish that can be turned into almost whatever your mind can conceive. Seriously, we even made Sinigang Corned Beef before, remember? To further prove to you how versatile Corned Beef is, we have … Continue reading Nilagang Corned Beef Recipe

Ginataang Tilapia Recipe

We have been going coco loco over all the fried food we have been eating the past days! We want something different for a change – something maybe milky, maybe coconutty. With that, we looked back at all our previous recipes we have shared with you guys and we realized we haven’t shown you one of our favorites yet – our Ginataang Tilapia Recipe! Our … Continue reading Ginataang Tilapia Recipe