You Will Surely Want To Get Locked Up Here At The Vault

If you have been to either of the branches Tittos Latin and BBQ has, you would probably know by now that they have a hidden bar in both and it’s for you to find where it is located. For their Greenhills branch, the bar is called Vault and if the decision is on us, we are going to have ourselves locked up in there until … Continue reading You Will Surely Want To Get Locked Up Here At The Vault

Fudgee Barr Oreo Cake Recipe 

We can’t stop thinking about finally indulging in a luscious sweet treat that we know would fill our huge sweet tooth to the brim! We have been thinking about ordering something online but also we want to be the ones to actually make it because we surely have been enjoying our time in the kitchen as it de-stresses us when we are just focused on … Continue reading Fudgee Barr Oreo Cake Recipe 

Pininyahang Manok Recipe

We are not here to prove to you that pineapples go on pizza, but we are here to show you how pineapples go well with chicken instead. If you think we are here to talk about Pininyahang Manok, then give yourself a round of applause because you are right! Pininyahang Manok is a popular chicken stew here in the Philippines! Made with pineapples and all-purpose … Continue reading Pininyahang Manok Recipe