Chicken Pochero

Savoury Chicken Pochero Recipe

Originally from Spain and came from the word “Puchero” which means stewpot, this Filipino dish is made to make every family happy. It’s normally composed of beef chunks stewed with saba bananas (or plantains). The dish may also include potatoes or sweet potatoes, leeks, chickpeas, cabbage and tomato sauce and others. While it originated in another country, this dish has been well loved by the Filipinos thus various … Continue reading Savoury Chicken Pochero Recipe

Sinful Sinigang na Bagnet Recipe

Related to the Malaysian dish singgang, Sinigang is one the most popular and all-time Pinoy favorite viand. In fact, if you were to ask almost any Pinoy what to serve to a foreigner friend, this delicious dish always come to mind. Its sour and savory taste makes it perfect to pair with a bowl of rice. There are also tons of variations for this famous dish. There is … Continue reading Sinful Sinigang na Bagnet Recipe

Here’s a SPAM Mac n Cheese Recipe to wow your special someone!

Growing up, we have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and do you know what actually is our go-to breakfast meal? It is none other than the drool-worthy SPAM! We just could not deny how every time we go out for grocery shopping, part of our to-buy list are cans of our ultimate comfy food, SPAM. This delectable luncheon … Continue reading Here’s a SPAM Mac n Cheese Recipe to wow your special someone!

Pork Belly Pochero

Did you know that this colorful and flavorful dish that we inherited from the Spanish was in early years actually considered the peasants’ stew in Andalucia, Spain? Well, it is because they used to make this stew with the cheapest cuts of pork, beef, and chicken. The Filipino Pochero is slightly different from its Spanish counterpart because it has tomato sauce and it. What sets it … Continue reading Pork Belly Pochero