Sinampalukang Manok Recipe

If you have always been a fan of the sourness of Sinigang, then this recipe we are going to talk about is definitely for you. Sinampalukang Manok is chicken cooked ala sinigang. However, the souness of Sinampalukang Manok is because of the tamarind leaves and tamarind pulp. The Sinampalukang Manok can be attained with only a few ingredients, yes, but it is undeniably delicious to … Continue reading Sinampalukang Manok Recipe

Crispy Binagoongang Bagnet Recipe

Bagoong is a well-known condiment in the Philippines. Others find it intimidating because of its smell and taste, but a lot of people, including us, find it absolutely tasty and yummy! Made with either fermented fish or krill or shrimp paste with salt, Bagoong comes in different variants and each of the variants can be used in different ways, but in general, it is used … Continue reading Crispy Binagoongang Bagnet Recipe

Easy and Yummy Palitaw Recipe

Want to taste a traditional Filipino snack? We have got the perfect recipe for you! Today, we are going to make some Palitaw and you will surely love it – we know this because we love it! Palitaw is a wonderful Filipino snack or merienda made with glutinous rice and covered with grated coconut and sugar with the option to have roasted sesame seeds on … Continue reading Easy and Yummy Palitaw Recipe

Cheesy Hotdog Omelette Recipe

Wakey wakey! It’s another day, you guys! Have you guys made your bed already? Have you drank some water to hydrate yourself first thing in the morning? Have you done some stretches or maybe exercises to wake your body up even more? If you haven’t, then don’t you worry, because it’s still early in the morning and yes, you still have the whole day to … Continue reading Cheesy Hotdog Omelette Recipe