Spicy Canned Tuna Sisig Recipe

One of the most popular dish that Filipino cuisine has been widely recognized for is Sisig. This dish originated from the culinary capital of the Philippines – Pampanga. Usually made from parts of pig head and chicken liver, usually seasoned with calamansi, onions and chili peppers, this extra delectable dish surely made rounds not only within the whole country but in other countries as well. … Continue reading Spicy Canned Tuna Sisig Recipe

Creamy Ube Halaya Recipe

No. You just can’t deny it, okay? Filipinos really have a huge sweet tooth. They love that oh-so-lovely dash of sweetness in everything they do and of course, in everything they eat, too! We mean, Filipinos’ version of Spaghetti could attest to that! You know what… Filipinos love sweet so much they even have a dessert that could be used in making a whole lot … Continue reading Creamy Ube Halaya Recipe

Instant Pancit Canton with Corned Beef Recipe

There’s no denying that this lock down almost made everyone of us a wanna-be cook. In fact, during this time one of our favorite part of the house is the kitchen. Almost everyday we wanna whip up or create something delightful to munch on or enjoy to chase our lock down woes. That’s why because of this we created a simple yet very fulfilling recipe … Continue reading Instant Pancit Canton with Corned Beef Recipe

Chicken Pochero

Savoury Chicken Pochero Recipe

Originally from Spain and came from the word “Puchero” which means stewpot, this Filipino dish is made to make every family happy. It’s normally composed of beef chunks stewed with saba bananas (or plantains). The dish may also include potatoes or sweet potatoes, leeks, chickpeas, cabbage and tomato sauce and others. While it originated in another country, this dish has been well loved by the Filipinos thus various … Continue reading Savoury Chicken Pochero Recipe